Thursday, July 13, 2006

Going to the "Generic" Beach

Hi Everyone,

Haven't been on for a few days trying to get ready for my granddaughters B-day....picking up a few things from the party shop.....We're having a Hawaiian Beach party theme....Their Dad and Aunt Laurie are setting everything up, right down to the sand.While my daughter-in-law and I take 12 girls to the pool. Then we'll bring then back and have the party , then there will be eight girl(11 years old) staying for a sleep over. Hope this old Meemaw gets some sleep...Oh well it just one night and they won't be eleven again....I can do it. Gosh,I just had tears,my Babies are growing up....It's only yesterday I was waiting for them to be born....Where does the time go????? This is the first Birthday Mike has missed.That make me sad too.

Hope everyone has a Great weekend and a safe one......Talk to you Monday....

Love you Guys and
God bless,


Michelle said...

That sounds like fun! Have fun at the party and enjoy your weekend. I know kids seem to grow up so fast. My little sister (7 yrs younger) will be 16 this year. It's very hard to beleive, but at least you've had the joy of watching your babies grow up.

COURTNEY said...

Oh you will have a blast! Have a safe trip love ya Glo! Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!!!!!

Charla said...

Awww, that's so cool! You're such a cool MeeMaw! LOL Be careful and have fun!

Love ya,

Monica said...

How fun! Have a great time with the girls. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!