Sunday, July 02, 2006

Not a Good day

Hey Everyone,

This has not been a good day for me. It started out ok,went to Church,had brunch with a friend. Went to the nursing home to visit different ones,like I do most every Sunday. (I worked in the Alzheimer's unit there for about 5 yrs, also been a CNA, Activates aide and E.A.) Me or some of my family has always worked there since it's been open ( over 34 yrs ago). Well today two of my little ladies went home to live with God, just within 3 hrs. of each other. The worst is yet to come,now I have to tell Mike. You see Mike and I also Volunteer at the Nursing home a lot. We do cookouts,plant flowers,play games and have parties for the Alzheimer's Unit. These two little Ladies said, Mike made the best Hamburgers around. These were also two who helped me in the Kitchen to get everything ready. We have always called these two little Ladies, plus three others there,Mike's Girlfriends. On Mother's day ,when he was home ,he went to see and visit with each one of them. No Hi -Bye, about a 20 min.visit with each. Wish all of you could have seen their faces light up when he walked in.It was very Special. Because these are the ones everyone says don't remember. Yes they do remember, more than you will ever know. We work on the Memory Walk every Oct. and through out the year. We raised over $4000.00 last year alone.( nice thing is 100% of what we raise stays in the county it's raised in) that's great for our small town. We also had over 50 walkers walk with us. Georgia and her daughters both walked with us,along with a couple of other of our residents. As you can see I love to work for and with Alzheimers. Well I guess I'd better quit raddling on. I do that ya know,I'm old. So I'll go for now.Please say a prayer for the families of Anna and Georgia.

Love to All,


Charla said...

I'm so sorry you lost these special ladies Glo! I will keep their families in my prayers. It's so great that you and Mike volunteer there. I know from working in nursing homes how much those visits mean to the patients who live there. That's a very special gift you're giving them..friendship!
Love ya,

Michelle said...

I'm really sorry to hear that. It's wonderful that you do that kind of work. My grandpa was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. It takes special people to be able to work with them. God bless you and Mike for doing so. I'll be praying for you and for their families.