Friday, July 07, 2006


Sorry about this mess,but Charla will be glad to know I now know how to delete .....ha ha hee hee I'm trying to get it down how to post pics.As you can see I'm not very good at it.......Now you can see what I see out my front window (my trash can) As you can guess by now,I wasn't planning to post that pic.Being new to this I didn't know how to get one off without deleting the other.....I have a hard enough time remembering how to get them on there in the first place. Oh yes the date is wrong ,my camera is also messing up or maybe it's just the nut behind it....... Charla and Court are you sure you still want me to TRY and be a Blogger?????
Good Night All.
Love Ya and God Bless,

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Michelle said...

lol...You crack me up. I think you do a wonderful job at blogging. Keep it up!