Saturday, August 19, 2006

So Far -So Good

Well so far it's been a good few days. Sleeping better,not great,but better. Still don't seem to get anything done except laundry,cooking and dishes.Day dreaming, I do a lot of that. I have been keeping busy getting the "Memory Walk" for Alazheimer's going. It will be on Sat.Oct.7,2006 in Overland Park, Ks. Our group has been the largest I believe for the last two years. 50 or more either meet or ride the bus (We provide) We all have shirts a like and it's kind of cool seeing a sea of Purple shirts walking 1 to 3 miles for a good cause. "Come Walk With Us, Until Alazheier's Is Just A Memory"

Went to see a Play last night,very funny. Li'l Abner was put on by our Community Arts Association. A lot of my family and friends were in it. Also my Doctor. My cousin( more like a niece has always called me Aunt Gloria) daughter was Choreographer and she also played the part of Appasionata Von Climax. My niece's husband and daughter were both in it too. The Theatre was packed and they still have two preformances to go, I'm going again tomorrow.

Today has been one of theses boo-who days, cry for no reason at all ( Court,Chara and Michelle) you know the kind of day I mean. You know the cat came in, boo-who. I mopped the floor boo-who. I cleaned the toilet,boo-who. Don't know why, tears just spill out and ya can't stop them. I need to get so many thing done,just act like I don't know where to start. Even went for a long drive in the Country the other night, song from our wedding came on the radio,I cried, two deer walk out in front of me I cried. Then came a stop sign and I cried there too. Don't know why I can be so up one day and crying the next.......Maybe Church will help tomorrow. Sure hope so, can't hurt.

I'm starting to ramble on , so I say good night and God bless.

Love to all,



Michelle said...

I guess we aren't so far apart after all. You are such a good woman doing what you do. God bless you for all the help that you provide!

I know what you mean about crying for no reason at all, that's for sure. I guess we don't have to have a reason, or at least that's what I like to tell myself. It's ok to cry. We're all allowed those kinds of days. We're almost done, we can do it!!!

michelle said...

Glo I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. I hope that church helped you!

Christina said...

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I love meeting new friends. Sorry you are sad, but I think us military wives know what that's like. We cry and do all sorts of things just to keep our sanity while waiting for our guys to come home.
You are so lucky to have twin grandaughters. My grandson is here right now and I can't get enough of him.
Did church help today? I hope so.

Lala's world said...

aahhh sorry you had such a teary day! I have days like that sometimes mostly timed with Aunt Flo's visit! hope you have a better week and weekend coming up!