Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sprucing things up!!!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't been on for a while. Mike and I have been painting and papering. And guess what we're still married.....ha ha hee hee. He did bruise me by accident,right in the middle of the forehead with the step stool. I was on the floor and he was moving the step stool. Kinda of a zig when I should have zagged thing. Then are you ready for this one got me on the BOOB with the hammer....I'm not even going to explain that that time we were getting tired and everything got silly,I do mean silly. We were both laying on the floor in the hall, rolling around, laughing our heads off. That's ok, then Mike was putting things back on the walls,sounds easy enough doesn't it. Well he put our big clock on the wall then bent to pick up something else and came up under the clock. OUCH !!!! So we both went to bed with head aches. Everything is done for now and it looks really great. We're going to wait until after the Holidays to do our bedroom and the guest bedroom. Hopefully in the spring we will be able to get the new floors in. Oh and we're doing that ourselfs too.
I went to the Doctor Monday for exray of my hip ( hard to believe it's been a year) everything looking good. They also exrayed the other one Yep it needs to be replaced too. Well sometime next year. Gotta wait and see what Walley world is doing after the first of the year.
Sorry to hear that Court and her family are all sick. Hope all are well soon....Love you guys. Can't believe you guys were only 4 hrs away from me. We'll all get together this summer sometime.
Wel I'm going to call it a night. I'm really tired from all the work we've done this week and last.

Love to all and God bless,

P.S. Our Christmas shopping is done too. Now maybe I'll have time to bake cookies and fudge.
Merry Christmas to all.


chrissy said...

I love house projects..even though me and my hubby always disagree half the time we are doing them and then it turns out great..Sorry to hear about your accidents but the boob one is funny..Sorry to hear about your hip, from what i hear those are painful surgerys..take care..
P.S. My Christmas shopping is done too..

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Nice to see you back!! If someone would have been videoing this whole scene with you and Mike then you could have won some money on the TV show, "America's Most Funniest HOme Video's"....with that you could have fixed up the rest of the house or HAD someone do it....Laughter is great for you...
Sorry about your hip. I have a lot of problems there too and would not be surprised if someday that happens to me too. Nice seeing you back again. sandy

Courtney said...

You guys are so silly. Glad your getting everything done at the house. I know you love that stuff like me. Thanks for the get well wishes. We are all feeling better this morning. Take care & hope to hear from ya soon. Love ya!

Nicole said...

Same to you, Glo! Thank you for visiting my site. :) All the best to you and yours! (from one Army wife to another :) :)

Michelle said...

LOL...I'm glad that you both are still in tact after all that. I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!

michelle said...

Hey Glo~ I love to remodel. It is so relaxing for me. But for now we are in the candle making process. We are making our gifts this year for our families. It would of been cheaper to just buy them all gifts but this is so much fun.

Sorry to hear about your hip! When the time is near I wish you a speedy recovery!