Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It's a Good Day

Just doing some cleaning. I'm not fast at it, but I'll get her done. I clean a while and set a long while........At this rate I may have my cleaning done by the 4th of July.....hee hee

I got this wild hair yesterday to change my blog............Don't really know what I'm doing and would like to do some more ,but I'm afraid I'll lose it all. I have to admit I don't know how to cut and paste. I know everyone says it easy. I'm just one that has to see how it's done. Most of what I do on this computer is by guess or just plain mistakes. I'm never sure just how I got them. I'm the one person who never thought they would have a computer. Until Mike got deployeds and I had the hip replacement.So being here at home by myself,my computer became my life. I'm really am glad I let my family talk me into one. I have meet so many wonderful caring people because of this puter.

Well I guess my setting break is over. Gotta get back to the cleaning.

Love to all and God bless.


P.S. Mike and I have had so many blessings this week. God is so good.


Courtney said...

Glo,your blog looks great! See your learning:) I'm soooo happy things are better. I'm also glad you got your computer also. I would have been lost without ya! Thanks for our talks lately! I missed ya! Love ya:)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You know a lot of people say some really bad things about a computer but let them go on about that but I say...pooh!! It keeps me hooked up with my family which is spread all over the place...plus now with blogging it has helped me to meet such sweet people that I would have never have meet any other way!! So what is wrong with that?
I am so glad that God is helping you this week. Things are better good..I am so happy.

Michelle said...

You did wonderful on your blog. I really like it. I'm glad you to the computer too, it's been a blessing getting to know you :)