Friday, March 02, 2007


This has been a great week. Oh I still have the same old aches and pains.Darn the luck,but it could always be worse.I think my friend Sandy helped me there .Go to her blog some time and you'll understand why.I've been having my own pity party for some time now. Just reading her blog a light bulb went on. I have so many things to be thankful for. I've always been the up beat person who always look at the glass as half full. Always been one to find good in all people,but this year I've been different. I think I got it figured out.

  1. I've been mad at Mike for going back to work early. Not taking time for us.
  2. I've been mad at his job for not appreciating him for what he has done for them.
  3. I've been mad at all the family and friends who never stopped by or called while Mike was in Iraq. I was here by myself recovering from hip replacement. I felt no one cared.
  4. I'm mad at all the wife's in our F.S.G that said we would all keep in touch.
  5. I'm mad because I've emailed and called them and they haven't returned either.
  6. I'm mad because I haven't been able to drive because of my knee. I don't like depending on others for everything.
  7. I'm mad because I didn't get to go see my granddaughter play basketball.
  8. I'm at the people in my church for never wanting to move forward.Mike and I have brought people into the church and they have haven't help keep them there.
  9. I'm mad because families don't visit any more. All they know how to do is stab you in the back or fight.
  10. But most of all I'm mad at myself for letting it get this far.

Through all this God has been with me. So today is my new leaf. Even with being so mad I've had so many blessing. So to all the "very special" people in my life thank you for not giving up on me and letting me vent . Also THANKS for letting me ramble on today. I feel so much better just getting things off my chest.

I'm going to have a great weekend. My kids and grandkids will be here. It will be a very specialtime. Thank you God for letting me seemore clearly. Also thank you flip flop.

Love and God bless,



It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Glo, I am glad that I can help if it is in some small way!! I know that things have been very bad for you but we cannot let these things get us down. I do wish that you lived closer. I would come over and help you out for sure. You know sometimes Christians can wound us more than non-Christians can. That is so unfortunate but it happens and it happens in the BEST of churches too. I will be leaving this Tuesday. Mike and I will be going on this BIG ADVENTURE. I will be looking for wireless everyplace that I can. Once we arrive in Arizona I am hoping to catch up. Take care and write. sandy

Michelle said...

Glo, I'm so happy that you've had your lightbulb moment. Sometimes it just takes some time to realize how good we got it. I'm so proud of you and I know that you deserve the best, and will get it! Remember, God is with you at all times, even in your lowest moments.