Thursday, June 28, 2007


Yes, I know it been a long time since I last posted................I've had the BLUES big time.........Don't know why. I guess a lot has gone on in my life since Sept.06. Mike came home then all the Holidays, my daughter was staying here at that time, Mike through himself into hunting,fishing and WORK ( went back earlier than he had to). Mike has been spending money like we were printing it.(I'm not the only wife complaining about that) He is also smoking more now. Sometime he acts like he indispensable. My surgery. My EX has been trying to pit my kids against each other. Then my son was talking to me about his sister. I told him not to ever do that again. My kids are my kids and we all have faults. Don't ever make me chose or the other. Then there is always someone stiring the pot to make trouble.( Hey Court ,you know how it is) My sister is mad at me,because she keeps getting cats from people,loving them for a month or two then getting rid of them ,because they get hair in her house...................Well excuse me,STOP getting long haired cats. I mean Persians. The last was a beautiful all white with the greenest eyes you ever saw. You know me and my big mouth said " Sis this has got to stop" animals need loving homes. Well it hit the fan then. It's just a cat, well what if it were a kid,they make messes too ..............Sorry, I guess I'm really venting today. I think Mike and I just need to go some place alone for a while.We need some ONE on ONE time. I haven't even been getting out of the house much. Same old thing day after day. Cook, clean,laundry. I miss all the girls from the blog, I miss how all the Army wife's use to get together, I miss the phone calls from Mike, I even miss the e-mails from Mike. Today I feel very old,tired and ugly. Oh that's another thing I'm letting my hair grow out to it natural color,( what ever that is) so far it's very short and a lot of different colors. In other words , I can't do anything with it I'm a mess..............HELP.....Calagon(spelling?) take me away.

Sorry to come back and just vent.

Love to all,looking forward to a better tomorrow. May God bless.


Bet you can't guess who my new Sunday school teacher is............My Sis.

Hopefully I can take my on advice and just put it in GOD's hands.

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liberal army wife said...

Hey Glo. found you on Kayli's blog. Found her through Austin's Mom. we are all connected!

My DH is now on his way from south of the berm - after 16 months in country and 6 months prior in training (He's Guard, for now) so I was interested in your post deployment life. The $$ part I keep hearing from a lot of returnee wives. and the orders and almost the lack of closeness one has with the deployed spouse via email and calls. Is it just real life coming back, or are we both so changed? interesting subject..

Hope you feel a bit better. Any time you want to drop by, please do.