Saturday, August 18, 2007

Going Down Memory Lane........

Mike has had a few days off. Didn't go any where,it was just to hot. So we got out all our old pictures and started going through them. Boy was he a bean pole when we married. Had a lot of laughs over all of them. When we got tired of that we played cards or Dominoes, I think I'm the grand prize winner....heehee. Ok we got tired of that so we watched old black and white movies that we both love. You would have thought it was winter the way we were staying in. It was fun.

Mike did go fishing a couple of mornings EARLY,before it got to hot. He and friend,co-worker Carl. We finely got some relief from the heat Thursday night. Went to out to dinner with his big Sis and her hubby. Had a very nice time. We also took dinner to our neighbor, who just had knee replacement.

Yesterday was cooler so we got to set out on the porch. Now that was a treat. I fixed cold Chicken,Potato salad and bake beans. We had our own little picnic. Some think we do crazy things. Oh well, that's what keeps the spark in our marriage. We then took a drive in the to see about 5 deer. Getting that time you know. Has a nice drive. Then Mike had to go back to work last night.

I had a hard time getting to sleep with out Mike being here. Finely dropped off about 3am. So today I'm a little tired,but happy.

My Father -in-law just called. They just got home from a week in Texas. Glad they're home. With all the storms coming we were a little worried they'd get out of Texas before they hit. God took good care of them. Don't know why we worried.

Guess I'll call it a day. Everyone have a great and blessed Week-end.

Love and God bless,



Michelle said...

I love doing those kind of little corky things too. Sometimes I think we get to wrapped up in being enteryained that we miss the little things.
Glad to hear that your in laws made it home safe. said...

Stopping by to say "Hello" I have seen your name on Baba's blog and I bookmarked it!! I think it was her blog..... or maybe Sandy's??

I live in Missouri,too!! About 30 miles from Kansas City.
It has been really HOT here in our area,too!!
It sounds like you all has fun while your husband had a few days off. Have a Blessed weekend!

the night owl said...

Good Evening Glo,...I am so glad You and Mike had a relaxing and fun time together.My kids like to go look at all of the old pictures when they come home to visit..It sure brings back many happy memories.
How long has it been since your knee replacement?? Did you have any problems??.I hope the knee brace I have to wear on my right knee will straighten it out .I only have to wear it at night..The time I have sleeping now..Take care and enjoy your week. Baba

Courtney said...

Sounds pretty perfect to me:)
Glad you got to spend some time together!
Love You!

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that you guys got to spend some relaxing days together at home. Sometimes those are the best times! I hope you have a wonderful week!