Friday, October 12, 2007

A Woo-Hoo Day!!!

The picture was taken in Feb.,but it will have to do since my camera is on the fritz.
Mike took me on a date. YEA! We haven't been on a Date for a long time.
We went to the Mall and shopped for a while.....You know one of those day were you say "if we had the money I'd buy that for you". FUN FUN FUN day. Dreaming is what life is all about....Well we did get new tennis shoes....guess you'd say we bought each others shoes...hee hee

Then we had to go look around Wal-Mart... He is only there 40 hrs a week,but doesn't get to look at hunting things...poor baby.

Then on the way home we stopped at our favorite BBQ place.
Had a wonderful day... Ok I'm tired..

Everyone have a great weekend. I know I will.

Love and God bless, Glo


Courtney said...

How nice! I'm glad you both had some special time together. Have a wonderful weekend! said...

I bet you had a wonderful time!! It sounded like you had soooo much fum!!

You look so pretty in that picture! and Mike is cute,too!

It has been so rainy and dark today..... well you know this!

Sure hope the Chiefs win tomorrow!
Love and Hugs Carolyn

Michelle said...

oh it does sound like you guys had a fun date! That's so nice you were able to get out and spend the day together.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I am so glad you guys were able to go on a date. I always come home feeling so much in love with my husband after we have that special time together. It sounds like it was a lot of fun for the two of you!

And I love buying new tennis shoes!!