Saturday, December 08, 2007


I'm still not feeling well. Doctor didn't give me anything,said it's one of those things that have to run it course. I'm so tired of it I could scream. Mike said if I don't feel any better by Monday he's talking to the doctor..... I thought you need to know about Brandi',she's doing well for losing her hand part of her arm below the elbow. She has a good out look for such a young person. They also had to take part of the thumb and tip of pointer finger on the left hand. She ask you to please keep praying and told me to Thank you for all your prayers. So please continue to pray for Brandi' and her family. I'll try and get back on as soon as I feel better. May God bless.



Flip Flop Floozie said...

I had been wondering how she was and knew that you were not feeling well. I am on Mike's side. If you don't feel better by Monday you should go to the doctor. Something else might be up...Sandy

Keep us informed.

Courtney said...

I'm glad Brandi is taking everything so well & yes I will continue to pray for her.
As for being sick. If it's the same thing we all had here which everyone around here has had it. It last FOREVER!! You remember how long we were all sick. My grandma had it for 2 weeks or maybe longer. It's awful!!!

Michelle said...

I didn't realize they did indeed end up taking part of her arm; sorry to hear that, but it's wonderful to hear she's so positive and in good spirits. My prayers continue to be with her. And I hope you feel better soon! said...

I am with Sandy and Mike! You need to feel better... no one went to church today with all the ice what a mess... and me almost out of Diet Coke! Gee!

So so sorry to hear about Brandi she is really taking this good...
I will keep on praying.
Did you get my e-mail about running into Coach P. out at Wal- Mart! He said to tell you and the family Hello and Merry Christmas!
I mentioned your Uncle Billy and he said Billy....... and knew the name right off! He is so nice.... Love and Hugs and Plesae get to feeling better!

Courtney said...

Hey Mamma!!
Hope your feeling better!!!
Love you!

mindi said...

I hope you're feeling better today. Being sick is no fun - I'm still battling the remains of an upset stomach. I just don't want to eat anything.
Thanks for the update on Brandi - I'm glad she has a positive outlook!

Mary said...

I will continue to pray for Brandi and for you, that you will be feeling better soon.