Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Day....2008

A sincere and heartfelt
"Thank You" with gratitude to each
individual and church congregation who
sent prayers during the serious illness
of my daughter Brande' Gott.
The Lord has truly blessed her with many
medical miracles. We ask for continued
prayer for her lengthy recovery and rehab.
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Gott,
Family and loved ones.
This appeared in our local paper and I was ask to pass it on to all who have prayed for Brande'. Each and everyone of you have touched this family in a very special way. Prayer brings people together.
Also this is to let you know that last night at midnight Brande' got a proposal and a diamond ring from her boyfriend. She said YES. He's stood by her side through all she's been through and will be there for her always. He said she's still beautiful to him,because he knows her heart. May the Lord bless them.
Hope you had a great New Years Day....we have
Mike worked last night and I was in bed by 10pm. This morning when he came home we had a Champagne breakfast & played cards. After he went to bed ,because he works again tonight and it's so cold here I made some beef stew for supper. Making some biscuits too.... AND can't forget the Blacked-eyed peas.
Have a blessed 2008.
Love and God bless,
I've been spelling Brande' name wrong all this time....Sorry about that. I just realized it.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

I am so happy to hear about Brande! That is so wonderful to hear!! Miracles have definitely been happening for her. Hope your New Years will be a happy one. 2008 here we all come...


Michelle said...

well congrats to Brande! that is wonderful; what a great new year's eve surprise! Still in my prayers as she continues on the road to recovery.