Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday....Have you voted??

Our State got the honor to be a part of Super Tuesday. Hubby and I voted early. It's raining and cold (21 degrees) w/ sleet and snow moving in tonight,but if the guys in Iraq can endure the heat for my freedom to vote,I can endure the cold and rain to VOTE. What a privilege we have. You want to see a "Great Post" go Renie http://renieburghardtsworld.blogspot.com/ It's the best. Of course I think all her posts are great.


Donna said...

I was wanting a nice 5-inch snow, but they've already down-graded it to 1 to 3 inches now. Seems like it misses my house every time!

We voted this morning.

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Glo,

I'm glad you got out and voted early. I did as well. Snow and sleet coming your way? Oh, my, I hope it won't get too bad. We are under a tornado watch in the southern part of our state. Not good either.

Thank you kindly for the link and the nice comment on my post about Super Tuesday. We do have a great privilidge in our country, don't we? Take care and stay warm and safe.



Talk..to..Grams said...

Kelly and I got out and voted too!! It was a cold rain for sure!! But I am glad we voted!

Katie Horner is calling from 4 to 6 inches of snow! I bet it won't be that much!! Kelly wants a whole bunch!
We stoped at the Apple Market and got a bunch of grocery's... Is that how you spell that.... I can't get blogger to do spell check when I post! Do you know how to make it work? I am big trouble with out it!!! Love and Hugs Grams

mindi said...

We've had 60 degree weather, and tornados are in the forecast. As a matter of fact, I had better hurry up and get off the computer, because the storms are coming!!