Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Purrrrrrrrfect Weekend

I've had wonderful, long and taring weekend. First of all I had to go to the doctor had a couple of ribs out. I was feeling much better on Thur. evening. Friday Mike and I went to Independence to see the new Bass Pro. We were there about 5 1/2 hrs.You know we had to have some new fishing gear. We also had dinner there, nice place, good food. We both had Salmon,just fixed different ways. Very good and not to pricey. My neck was hurting by the time we got home from all the looking around. Then Saturday we did our shopping for the week. Sunday I was up by 4 am. Got ready and went to Sunrise service at church. The men cooked breakfast and the women put on the service. I was back home about 9am then I went to breakfast again (I just had coffee and a biscuit at church) with my daughter,had my ham and eggs with her. Then she and I drove to Overland Park,Ks. with a couple of her friends to see Cats. Something I always wanted to see. Laurie got the tickets for my birthday. Good daughter,great seats. It was amazing to see. Then on the way back we had dinner at the Longhorn Steak house in Liberty. Got home about 7 pm. We each had a glass of wine to end our purrrrrrfect day. Where was Mike you ask. He had to work Sat.night and sleep Sunday so he could go back to work.
My daughter and I have always wanted to see Cats since it first came out. We always said "if my rich uncle ever got out of the poor house" we go to New York and see CATS. Well it wasn't New York and it wasn't Broadway and no my uncle didn't get out of the poor house,but it was the original Cass the preformed on Broadway and that was good enough for this old Lady. I think I'm finely rested up from my Great Easter. We saw a few snow flurries,but the "SON" was shining all day. I'm so blessed.

Oh yes and I have a Woo Hoo time coming up May 8th.... can hardly wait...42 days and counting.More about that later,right Courtney.

Love and God bless,


Mary said...

I have always wanted to see CATS. Maybe one day... I hope you had a wonderful time.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Glad that you got to go. I went here to see CATS and also saw it in Bloomington, Illinois when we lived there..GREAT..I loved the music. Sandy

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Glo,

You've had a lot of good eating and then Cats, too! How fun for you. Hope you're rested up and feeling good. My company will be here until Saturday, so we have been on the go every day. Going out again today, lunch, shopping, sight seeing. I have enjoyed it, but will need a vacation after they leave. LOL.

Have a wonderful day!



Denise said...

we saw CATS in Kansas years ago and it was wonderful........

thank you for the beautiful card that you sent tonight was wonderful...... thank you.......... said...

Hi Glo! Karen and Kelly went to the Bass pro shop and they said it was great! They are going to take Nancy and me when it has been opened longer.
I have never seen Cats! So glad you got to!
Kelly said Coach Pearch came in the library this week and told a long story about his Dad working at your Grandpa general store from 1923 to 1927 or was it 28? Any way Kelly found it interesting! He so upset about what they are doing with the Missouri River Valley Conference. We won't play Richmond .....Maybe sometime I don't quite understand. love and a Big hug Carolyn

Michelle said...

Sounds like a wonderful time for you guys. I'm so glad that you were able to do that with your daughter, sounds like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree there. I hope you have a wonderful week.

mindi said...

Sounds fantastic - I'm happy you had such a great time!!