Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm Cooking

I may have told everyone this before. When I get nervous or I'm excited about something, I COOK,don't eat just cook. When Mike thought he was going to the Gulf War.....I cooked. So much we had to take some out to his Mom and Dad's. That was Ok with them. When Mike was called up for Iraq in 05, I cooked. His Mom had passed away and his Dad had moved up North. Ok so my sister and cousin benefited from that one. When I had my hip surgery while Mike was gone,I was here by myself I cooked...Giving that away was easy. I had so many wonderful people in and out checking on me. Well I'm cooking again.....I'm so excited about going to see Court and her family(in 27 days) This week I've made 4 meat loafs..we ate 1/2 of one,gave my daughter the other 1/2,gave my hair dresser one she's having surgery, gave one to the Bob (who saved us a lot of money on fixing the Chev.S-10 and froze one. And you ask what's my problem.....It's today....I fixed a pasta salad....then made Lazy-Day Stew in the crock pot.....and then....and then...well I fixed Chicken w/stuffing,Au Gratin potatoes and Lima beans. By the time the 27 days are up.....I going to have a very FAT family and neighbors. Mike won't have to do any cooking while I'm gone.....just thaw,heat and eat. Now if he could just get someone to come in and clean up his mess...he'd be in 7th heaven.

I'm going to busy with church tomorrow and the first part of next week I've got ck ups with doctors....Sooooooo maybe I won't cook so much next week.

WOO HOO !!! Did I tell ya all,I'm going to meet Court..

Oh Yes "Happy Birthday Matt"

Love & God bless,


Anonymous said...


I so want to thank you for all your kind words, prayers and support. I come to tell you this and find out we have something in common--Stress Cooking!!!


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Glo,

Your cooking such delicious sounding meals is making me hungry! LOL. I know you can't wait to get to visit with Courtney.

Have a blessed Sunday. Got to get ready for church myself, soon.



Flip Flop Floozie said...

Boy I wish I liked to cook..even under stress. I hate to cook..not my thing, but I would clean up your mess for you...(when I get to feeling better)!!
I am better. Blood pressure is starting to settle back down again after i messed my body up with stopping a medication cold turkey. never again!!


Michelle said...

lol...Sounds like you've been keeping yourself busy at least. I hope the time goes quickly for you so you're able to get there before you know it.

mindi said...

Did I tell you I'm coming for dinner??? Or just swing by on your way to see Courtney :D That would work too! said...

Wow! I am on my way for dinner at your house!! Sounds soooo good!! I bet you are a wonderful cook!! It all sounds so delicious!

It was so much fun talking to you on the phone today!!! That was a real treat!!I know you have to be really excited about your trip!!! Love and hugs Grams

Denise said...

Hey girl, need your address in order to send TEE shirt. I am trying to get all my records in order and then I will print first of the week.. Just email me..