Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sorry no blog lately

Feeling better,just not great. Went back to the Doctor yesterday. More pills. Also being treated for anxiety & depression. It's been bad. I'm the one who does all the worrying about the family and friends. So many thing going on.(Through all this Mike bless his heart,has been great) Bank charged me 120.00 for cks being returned,they hadn't all that back. We still aren't sure what happened there. New teller hitting wrong numbers....maybe. To top it all off the phone Co. said I owed them 729.10 ( I about dropped my teeth)our bill runs 240.00 a month. I had all my cks and confirmation #'s and proof where the had been deducted from my account. The first guy I dealt with was so rude,said all my cks had been returned.I took his name and turned him in. I've been dealing with them for a week. We have everything on one bill (house phone,2 cells, computer and our dish for the T.V.) Well with the help of a very nice lady yesterday our bal. is -0-. God bless her. All I had to pay was my monthly bill,which was all I'd been trying to do.

Mike was on vacation last week and we had our 20th Anniversary.......and I was sick. He did do a lot around the house and took good care of me. He's my sweetie,love him so. He put in a second drive way....not concrete like the one we have, that cost to much. but he dug down about 6 ins made it 8ft wide,as long as the other,landscaping ties and put in 7 tons of rock.Two of our neighbors helped him.We are so blessed. He did a great job,it looks so nice. I just set on the porch and watched them. Any other time I would be his helper. He power washed the house,painted our bedroom, guest rooms,ceilings in all rooms, took care of our yard,my Uncle Billy's yard. BBQ ed for us and kept my flowers looking nice. He also took me out for a nice dinner on our Anniversary. It just wasn't the one we had planned.( we were going on a weekend to where we had our honeymoon) He said when I feel better we'll pretend it's June 17th all over again and do what we had planned. Isn't he a doll.

I just want to feel better....I haven't gone to church,Bible study or been to the Nursing home services for almost three weeks.


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Glo,

Oh, my goodness, you sure have had a lot of bad things going on! I'm glad those bank mistakes have been straightened out. But your husband has been a gem throughtout the whole thing. He is a blessings for sure. Happy belated anniversary to both of you! And feel better soon, you hear! Praying that you will!

Hugs and lots of prayers,


Michelle said...

sorry to hear you've been so sick and had the problems with the checks frustrating!

mindi said...

Glad to hear an update - hang in there - things will get better. Take care of yourself and happy anniversary!!!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry you're still not feeling too good. Mike is so sweet, sounds like he's a keeper lol.

People in customer service make me so mad. While I was pregnant Eric made all the calls to get things straightened out. He said I get too mad and didn't want me upset lol. It seems the majority seem to forget they are in customer service and are so rude and unhelpful. I'm glad that you got that guys name and turned him in!

Donna said...

What a mess! I'd have depression and anxiety too, if I'd had all those things happen. Cliff and I celebrated our 42nd anniversary on June 16.

Mary said...


I'm sorry that you've been ill and hope that you recover soon. I have added you to my prayer list.

Wow! Your hubby sure has been working hard. Tell him not to tucker himself out completely.

Take care of yourself, my friend.