Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kind of a Sad/Happy Day

Sad part: Our neighbors Josh & Melissa (young military couple w/three kids 11,8 & 5) are moving today. I'm really going to miss them. The boys bring me flowers and frogs. Kayla the 11 yr old comes over all the time....she loves to cook and bake so Mike and I have become her official tasters. I have the kids in Bible school & the crafting class at church.. We've done a lot cookouts together,play cards,Dominoes and Washers (game like horseshoes). Of course we borrow sugar,eggs,milk & what ever else we need....I think there was one time she needed T.P. (when snow was coming down and kids were sick)....and that went across the fence too.They've have been renting the house next door for three years. Well enough about that.

Good part: They found a house,their loan went through, first time buying....YEA!! They've always lived in base housing until they moved up here to be closer to family. I'm so happy for them. Now for the really goooood part. Their new house is only 3 1/2 blocks from us. So we can still have the get together,games, goodies,frogs & flowers. Melissa and I have decided we can still borrow too...cause were closer to each other than we are the store.

Took my sister out to deliver her Avon today( I drove her car so she could go,she can't get up in my truck), took the orders up,collected the money and Sis rode a long to blow the stink off her...;-) her words not mine. It was fun. Then we went to lunch and she got her nails done....We did a lot of laughing....very good for both of us. I don't know who was the tiredest me or her.

Then when I got home I had a nice surprise. My Aunt Bessie brought Mike and I over a picnic for our supper......I don't have to cook....we have ham,turkey, cheese,slaw,home made potato salad(Aunt Bessie makes the best),rolls,fluff stuff & cookies.(also home made) I think we just may bring out the paper plates and go to the park and eat....sounds like fun even if he does have to go to work later. Aunt Bessie and Uncle Bill think they have to do something for us because Mike mows they're yard and won't let them pay him. Well enough out of this old chatter box. Hope you all have a great evening. Life is all about good friends and wonderful family. God is good.


Denise said...

Oh that sounds like such a fun day...... I want to come and have lunch in the park with you..... With Mom and Dad out here I have a small window each day for myself and I miss my time with my girl friends....... I am so glad that your dear friend is only a few blocks away..... I was military for years and years and I know how hard it is to move from our friends...

Have a happy Thursday said...

That picnic lunch sounds really really good!
Isn't that great they will live so close!! Praise God!! Nancy's blood count was up! So glad for that! Love and hugs Grams

Michelle said...

I'm glad that your neighbors aren't moving too far away from you. Lunch in the park sounds like so much fun, I hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Susie said...

Your surprise picnic from your Aunt sounds wonderful. I'm sure it makes her feel better to "do a little something" for you to repay your husband's kindness.

Renie Burghardt said...

Your Aunt Bessie is a real gem of an aunt, for sure! And I'm glad your neighbors aren't moving too far away.