Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Oh me---Oh my

Now I've got to see a Hematologist.....all that Iron i'm taking isn't doing the trick...........so it's in God's hands.. My sister is off for another 3 wks. So if we both ever get well we're celebrating. Praying for Spring to get here. Was out in our 5 ins of snow the other day now I have a cold. Just be glad to see green..

Love and God bless all,

Tomorrow I'll be 66 can't turn that one a round....oh well had to happen some time.


Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, I am sorry Glo. You sure have been through a lot. Lots of prayers coming your way. And Happy Birthday, dear friend. May God bless you on your special day and always!

Love and Hugs and Prayers,


PS. We had 6 inches of snow on Saturday, but by Sunday afternoon, most of it had melted. My jonquils are blooming. Spring will be here soon!

Michelle said...

In csee I don't get a chance to comment tomorrow I wanted to make sure I wished you a happy birthday!! Stay well!

Talk..to..Grams said...

Happy Birthday dear Glo!! I hope you have a wonderful day!
So sorry to hear about your health issues! I will be praying for sure!! Love Grams

Denise said...

I am very sorry for everything you have been through. You are in my prayers. Happy Birthday beautiful.

Donna said...

Happy birthday. I do hope you get your health issues worked out. I know it has to be depressing to have so many problems.

Mary said...


I'm sorry that you have to see the hematologist. That isn't pleasant. I know you've been going through a difficult time and am keeping you in my prayers.

Happy Birthday, my friend.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Just stopped by to wish you the happiest of birthdays..i just had my 64th so I am not far behind you..i signed up for Social Security this week. You can do that now if you haven't already!!
Have a great day!! Sandy

Amber said...

Aunt Gloria,
U need 2 get the internet back soon. I want 2 talk 2 u =]