Monday, June 12, 2006

This has been a wonderful day. Had a call from my Honey this morning, my girls(Court&Charla) gave me this Blog site and my friend Kay came by we took for a drive, got a sandwhich & a malt.Nice evening for a drive,little cooler than it has been. We went by the pool to watch the kids swim ( How come kids are never cold when in the pool or near water?)but ask them to take out the trash or feed the pets and they would say it to cold.......Ya gotta Love em.

I just want you girls to remember you gave me this Blog. You may have opened a whole new can of worms for this "Old Lady" I won't get any work done at all and if I don't get the work done (laundry,house cleaning, etc.) I won't have time to set on the porch and yell at the nuts who run the Stop sign on the corner. I' ve even gone as far as asking the police if they wanted to set on the porch with me. I figure we could have a enough revenue in a week that no one would ever have to pay taxes here again......Some day when I learn how to work this ,I will put a pic on of the street corner. We have kids on this street,lots of kids. This is the road that goes to the county lake and they think it's the Race track.Boy what I couldn't do with (you know the thing the police throw out when they are trying to stop a car) Why can't I think?????? Stop laughing someday you all be OLD too. Well any way,if I had a bunch of nails..................

Well as I said before this has been a good day. I will ask your forgives now.First of all I not a good speller even with spell ck (ya have to know how to spell it before ya ck it...Right) and I'm not the best in putting words in the order they should go or I don't always use good grammar. But if you need a friend to vent on ,laugh or cry with,talk to or just need someone to listen................I'm there for ya.

With all that being said I'll say "Good Night All" Have a wonderful Tomorrow.

Love and God Bless,


michelle said...

Hey Glo it is Michelle, I am a long time friend of Charla's who sucked me into this site too! Those dang girls. LOL. Hope you have fun and it enjoy it. I have.
Welcome to the family!!!!

COURTNEY said...

Glad you had a great day Glo & glad we helped a little to make it great!

Charla said...

Hey Glo, I'm so glad you had such a great day! I love your post today, you're so funny, I just know all the girls on here are gonna love ya as much as Courtney and I do! I noticed you figured out how to edit your profile already, and you said "ya can't teach an old dog new tricks" jokin' ya know I love ya!!!! Oh by the way, I noticed the anonymous comment on your first post from a M.K., hmmmm wonder who that could be from!! LOL That's so sweet! I'll let ya go for now! Love ya bunches!