Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Well here it "Tackle it Tuesday" and I don't want to do anything about it. I got all the laundry done yesterday. Straighten up the house this morning. Not much to do. So I guess I'll get the bill ready to mail...............Miss my man a lot today. You know how it is you have good dreams,then have to wake to find it was just that a dream. Well when I woke up there was some one in bed with me (My almost 20lb cat was laying beside me.) and I thought Mike was there. Miss you Honey, my man,my Love, MLSM,MLHB.
Mike was just home on R&R in May. It was a lot harder to let him go back than I thought it would be. Only three more months and he'll be home for good. When he gets home he also going to retire from the A.N.G he says 23 1/2 yrs are enough and if he would sign up again chances are he would have to go back over to Iraq. He'll still work for Wal-Mart. We can go fishing,(YES I bait my own hook and take the fish off too)see the grand kids and do some traveling(Alaska,we hope).......can hardly wait..
Well I may take a little road trip the week end, to see the grand kids. This is Anniversary weekend and I just don't want to be home alone. The Love of my Life won't be here to share it with,But we can have a nice dinner out when he comes home. Love you Lots my Darling. It's been a wonderful 18 yrs. Thank You for them.
I Love you with all my heart. God bless and keep you and all the other men and women safe. HOOAH

Have a great day.


janice said...

So nice to meet you Gloria. How nice of the gals to make you a blog!

I am Janice. When you play Tackle It Tuesday, you can come by my place and add your link. Then other bloggers who play can come find you and your blog. :)

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Charla said...

My goodness a 20lb cat!!! LOL Happy Anniversary this weekend!!!!I'm sorry you're not gonna be able to spend it with Mike, but you're right you can celebrate when he comes home! Spending it with your kids and grandkids is a great idea, atleast you'll be with family! :) Mine and Steve's 2-year "dating" anniversary is next month! Maybe in a couple years it will be a wedding anniversary, but we'll see! :) Not that that's a hint to Steve or anything!! LOL I better go finish cleaning this house. Gotta leave for class in a few hours!! Love ya!

Courtney said...

Hey welcome to the blogger world. Believe me, you can't go back once you start.....it's an addiction. Anyway, I am tackling it all today too. I am gonna clean, call the cake place about my wedding cake, go buy a book I am required to read before I can get married, get my hair cut, and go talk to the future in-laws. Whew. And I am getting it done which is a shock bc I am probably the world's worst procrastinator and my time management skills are non-existant. I am happy to hear you two have been married so long. Congratulations. I am also glad to know someone else from MO. Well, I think I have said plenty. Actually more than that. Once again welcome. Feel free to stop by my site anytime. Have a great day.