Thursday, July 20, 2006


Just having a bad day. I know I shouldn't be so down....Talk to Charla for almost two hours. It happened after I went to sleep...Dreams of Mike,could hear his voice,but couldn't find him.Waked from a sound sleep calling his name . I really miss him a lot,he's my life,my best friend,my fishin buddy,my love. I miss everything about him,even the little habits that drive me crazy.Most of all I miss the Hugs (he gives the best hugs I've ever had) and the closeness we share. I miss his after shave ( that's why every night I go to bed I sniff the bottle) love that clean fresh smell. I miss our card games & dominoes. The silly things we do, that makes everyone think we're totally bonkers. We actually love just the two of us being together...........We can set and talk for hours about anything and everything...........I love you Michael and I always will. Not much longer now and it will be over for us. I'm happy and I'm sad at the same time,because those dear friends I love so much have a longer wait.....You know I'll keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. I love all you Gals, couldn't have made it without you.
Love and God bless ,

Michael my Love stay safe, I love you with all my heart and soul..... MLSM- MLHB- PP from your LWPB


michelle said...

hey Glo I am so sorry you are having a blue day! I know that there are no words to make it better so just remember we are praying for you and your husband!

Thanks for the prayers for us while we were gone!

Charla said...

I'm sorry Glo! hey now, you're supposed to be the level-headed one!!! LOL Just kidding! You are completely entitled to be down once in a while! You are such an amazing lady! You can do this! In the words of the wisest and sweetest woman I know, you are ARMY!!!! HOOAH!!! LOL

Love ya,

Michelle said...

I know it's hard. We'll make it through together. One day at a time.