Saturday, July 22, 2006

"Happy Day's Are Here Again"

Today has been good. I'm back in the pink ( or Purple) as you can see. Been cooking and cleaning for the last two days and if Mike were here to tell you when I'm cooking I'm either very happy or nervous or both.Right now I'm a little of both.With Mike to be home soon and planning for another Army wives get together.Well that means I cook. Love to cook ,but don't have a lot around to eat. My Father-in-law use to love it when I got in these moods,because I'd cook so much we would have to take some to him ( no a lot to him) and my cousin.Today I've made pasta salad,cooked fresh green beans,got steaks in Marinade(for tomorrow after Church), and plan to fix garlic mashed potatoes with them. You see my Son has come down to help my daughter fix some things on her house and I'm cooking......They gotta eat don't they. Hoping Anita brings me in some green peppers some so I can stuff them. I also did some deep cleaning and laundry. Not bad for an Old lady.Don't tell any one,but tomorrow I may not be able to move. Some times I just don't know when to QUIT. Hope every one else is having a great week-end.......Love you Guys.

Love and God bless,

Michael I love and miss you very much.....Stay safe my love.

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