Thursday, August 03, 2006


Ok.......ladies I've now made it through three nights of Bible school.....our count has gone up to 104 kids and crew leaders.........I'm loving every minute of it. Only problem I'm having is they fight over who's going to set by me or stand by me. So I had to make some rules :

  1. If you stand by me, someone else gets to be line leader.
  2. If you set by me, someone else gets to be my helper at crafts.
  3. If you stand by me,set by me, be a line leader or are helping with crafts,someone else gets to help me with the Bible stories or the songs.
  4. And then if everything goes the end of the evening meet me at my Truck and we have a treat for you.....

So far everything going well (we had juice drinks last night) tonight is pudding and Friday we have silly ink pens for them. Haven't come up with anything for Sunday nights program. Where is my Sister through all this you ask. Well my Sis works 8 to 10 hrs. a day at the Nursing Home and she has never been that good with kids.Oh she loves them and is good to them,just doesn't handle them well(you know the type yells instead of talks.Wants them to be seen and not heard) She was that way around her own kids and Grandkids. I like seeing their little faces and hearing what they have to say and Sis well she like seeing their little bottoms going out the door....We're just two different people. My friend Gwen,who is head of the Bible school ( she use to work under me at D.Q. and then I worked under her at her Daycare.We've been friends for about 30 yrs) I ask her why she put Linda and I together.....she said because I knew she could handle the paper work and you could handle the kids.....So I guess in a way we complement each other....We're just very opposite.

Think I'm going to make it through this.......please still pray for us and the kids. Love you guys..............

Love and God bless,


My Hubby( Michael) just called and made my day...............Love you M.L.S.M M.L.H.B...............not much longer.


michelle said...

I am so glad that your hubby called you.... Have fun with the kids. One suggestion is make T-shirts for the kids or let them do it so they will have something to remember camp by!! That was always a hit with the kids.

Michelle said...

I'm so glad that you're enjoying your time with the kids at church camp. I hope that the rest of it all goes very smooth for you.

Monica said...

What a great week for you! I bet the phone call just topped it all off. :) Have a great time with all the kids... 101 is a lot!