Friday, September 29, 2006


Well today starts the big weekend of my life. It's my 45th Class Reunion weekend. It will start off with ridding in the Homecoming Parade at 1pm(praying I don't fall off the float) then tonight we are attending the Football game (again I hope I don't fall off the bleachers or my old bones don't get to cold). On Saturday at 10:30am All the Ladies in my class will go to have lunch together and catch up on "OLD" times. Then that evening we will have our Dinner and dance. Not to much dancing now we're just good listeners.( after Dinner we open it to any one who wants to stop by visit.) We're taking lots of Pics. We've lost so many in the last 5 yrs. We're a very close class. We have a Reunion every 5 yrs. We were the first big class in our School(we were over a hundred)Yea!!! Well I'd better get my self going still have to do all the reg. stuff, like pay bills, laundry, house cleaning and getting cloths ready.
Love and god bless,


Michelle said...

That sounds like lots of fun! It was my five year reunion this year and nobody wanted to do anything, so just a few of us old friends hung out for the night. Enjoy yourselves and don't worry about falling, you'll do just fine. lol

COURTNEY said...

Sounds like so much fun. I wanna see pictures even if you do fall. LoL!