Saturday, September 23, 2006


The faded yellow ribbon in ths pic is the one I put on the tree when Mike was deployed in June of 05.The three new bows are for Steve(far left) Matt (middle) and Eric ( far right). Their names are on them,but the wind kept Mike from getting a good pic of the names. Mike put these up for Charla (Steve), Courtney(Matt) and Michelle (Eric). These gals keep me going through this year and a half of deployment. So this is just Mike's way of thanking them.As the guys come home ,he will take their ribbon of the tree.
Love and God bless,


COURTNEY said...

I'm crying! Thank you so much Mike & Glo. Your the best!!!

Michelle said...

Glo that made me cry too! That is so very sweet of you and Mike. Thank you both for your support, I appreciate it with all my heart!!!

Mystik said...

Awww...that was so sweet what you did for them!

Charla said...

OMG Glo, you guys are the best! Thank you so much for thinking of us! Thank you Mike!!! I'm going to send this link to Steve so he can see! :) Love you guys!


kbug said...

So sweet of you to put ribbons up for the other girls' soldiers. I'm so happy for you that your fella is home now and glad to hear that you're both adjusting so well. Redeployment is not an easy thing. We still have a couple more months before Seth gets home, but it's getting closer all the time..... :)