Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm Still Here...........

Girls I'm still here ................but hard for me to get on to much right now....I'm very busy. My niece (call her that ,but she'sreally a second cousin. she's just always called me Aunt Gloria) has me on her committee for the "MISS RAY COUNTY PAGEANT". This is her first time as Executive Director.( Tara works a full time job and is a single Mom of a 10 and 3 yrs old) Don't know how she does it all,but she does. She a wonderful Mother and person. So her mother and I were elected to help. The girls in the pageant will be ages 17 to 24. This is for scholarships.We've been busy raising money.It a lot leg work for "Old" ladies. Missouri Girls will be there to preform. Then there is the lighting,sound,talent,Swimware,Sportsware,Juges,interviews,water, food(these girls really eat too),dinners, gifts, flowers,progams to print,O yes can't forget the Crown.( It's beatiful, saw it Wed.night)Just like the one for Miss America (just smaller).Will be held on Jan. 20th so you can see why we're so busy. I'm sure learning a lot. I'll take pics....I've got to ---------dress up.That will be a pic to behold. SCREAM. I need new cloths. Wonder if they sell sweats with sequins?????? So I'll say Bye for now. See ya after the 20th. Oh yes we're also having a surprise B-day praty for Mike's Dad on the 16th. He has eight kids. Give you three guesses who got the Job. ( the one in the family that doesn't work any more) ME. So if I'm not on for a while you'll know why "I'M TIRED". I love it though. Makes me feel needed.

Talk to you later.
Love & God bless,


palmtreefanatic said...

Thanks for visiting my post! Blessings to you!!!

Michelle said...

Wow, sounds like you're staying really busy, but sounds like you're enjoying yourself. Try not to tucker yourself out too much, and have fun!