Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've Had It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I've just about had it with,being sick,Winter and death.

I've had a bad case of strep throat for over a week. Also believe it or not thrush. All Mothers or most should know about that. I feel like a walking pharmacy.............Then there is the knee giving me fits. It hurts and is swollen most of the time. they won't let me drive. I've been house bound so long the spiders think I'm the perfect place to put their cobwebs. They are going to start calling me old moldy. Mike does try and get me out for a ride now and then.That is if it's not snowing,to cold or raining. To be real truthful this is worse than when Mike was gone. He sent me emails everyday,my girls were always on their blogs,friend would stop by or call or just email. I got to go to my kids.( I haven't seen them since Christmas) IIIIIIIIIIIII know I'm just feeling sorry for myself.

Ok so I'm on my high horse today.....I'm tired of winter...................snow, ice, just the cold. Ok the old bones hurt a lot. I never want to see another dish, do laundry or cook any more...........That's all I get done and I don't do that very well. Set of the smoke detectors three time this week. ( Mike didn't need to set his alarm at all) Nothin like burnt offerings.I know I should be thankful I can even do that much and really I am. I thank God every day for my many blessings. Just getting up in the morning is a blessing. Just that these walls can start closing in on you. It was warm enough yesterday that I opened the bathroom window for a while. Oh I know I'll make it through this. With God I can do anything. There are some other issues too. Can't go into them right now. I'm just putting it all in God's hands and praying very hard for things to get back to normal............

This week I also got news that one of my classmates died.........Gary had a wonderful laugh. It was infectious. News like that doesn't help my blues.

Then there is my B-day coming up. That's bothering me this year..........I'll be the age my Mother was when she died. So all in all I've got a bad case of "feel sorry for me". Had to much time alone and defiantly to much time to think.

Thanks for letting me blow off some steam..............Sorry I bent your ear for so long..........Thank God for all of you who stop by just read.................I really do feel better.

Love and God bless,



Courtney said...

Vent away Glo! Anytime you want. You know I'm here if you need or just want to talk. I'm usually here in the house myself. In my prayers always! I love you!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Glo...I have told you that just drop me an email. I know that will not help a lot but you can vent to me. You know that blogging is for venting so I am glad that you did. I have the same problem of being in the house a lot and not having many to talk too. Sometimes I get very lonely but i do get out and I am able too. I can only imagine if I were NOT able to get out. Take care and write to me. I will always write back. Try to hang in there. Spring will come!! Sandy

chrissy said...

Hey Glo
Been awhile sorry I have been busy with my mom. I am sorry to hear of all your downfalls. When are you having your knee done? Maybe that will help relieve some of the stress when you have that done. I know that is going to be painful for you all in the same but maybe it will help you feel better and get around better when it heals. I am sorry also about all your friends that have been passing. About your birthday..dont stress you are not going anywhere you still have alot do here..your will is not done...but I can say that I would be thinking of it too.. I wish I could send you some of my warm weather..yesterday it was 80 degrees here and today it was in the upper 70's which isnt too bad.. I wish I could lift your spirits and brighten your day..Your in my prayers..Take care..

Michelle said...

Glo, you go ahead and vent as much as you want. I'm sorry that you've had a case of the blues, but you're entittled to it now and a again. You are in my prayers.