Thursday, February 15, 2007


Here is a pic of me and my honey. Sorry for the flash in the background. Mike's little sister forgot there was a mirror there. This was taken Jan.16,07 at his Dad's b-day party.
Well enough about that. The sun was out the other day and the temp. got up to 50, so Mike took me out for a ride. It was really nice. We drove all through the country,out to the lake were we fish. It was a fun day. My romantic husband said he had to get me out to blow the stink off me.....brought me home some flowers and a red teddy bear....that was last week.
So yesterday (Valentine's day) my big romantic guy took me with him to get the oil changed in the truck and then to Arbie's for the 5 for5.98 special.........We did have lots of fun.....He trying so hard to keep my spirits up.
This is why.......Saw the Orthopedic Surgeon Monday. It wasn't the news I wanted to hear. I have a bad tear behind my right knee. The MRI shows I have no cartilage left (bone against bone) also bone spurs in the back and front of my knee.(this is the knee I broke back in 87) The swelling is so bad that my right leg is double the size it should be. It's very hard to walk. I've had to use the cane or walker (things I thought I was through with) can't drive, I do as much as I can around the house. My Surgeon said they could go in a repair the tear and clean out the arthritis (OH YES there is a lot of arthritis) but that wouldn't help with the pain much or I could live with an Ace bandage and Shots.....Ooooooooooor I could have Knee replaced. Mike and I set there and talked or should I say he talked and I cried like a big baby. Ya know this was to be our year to do a lot of fishing and camping......Well we decided to do the replacement. About the middle of March. I need to see my Cardiologist first. The earliest I could see them is Mar.6th. So it's being house bound for me for a while. I can go places with someone.I'm going to Church with my sister Sunday. They have a wheelchair there if I need it. And I can go to Wal-Mart if I ride a cart.(also something I thought I was finished with).
I have decided that this is what God wants for me to do. Why you ask...........because I've been having trouble with this knee for awhile and wouldn't do anything about it. Then right before the pageant, I was sweeping the floor,bent over to pick up the dirt when there was a loud pop in the back of my right knee. I let out a scream that could be heard next door. Mike came a running. Well you know me I told him I be just fine. You know" PAGEANT" show must go on. It was a few days after that he found the bruise on back of my leg (4"by6") Honest I didn't know it was there( I try never to look at my backside ) so he made me go to the Doctor ,who set up the MRI and you know the rest of it. So you see God needed to get my attention so I get my knee fixed.........Not saying I'm hard headed or anything..................heehee..... But I will tell you I'm never sweeping the floor again. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Guess I've bent you ears long enough. Have a great day and a better tomorrow.
Love and God bless,


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Gloria dont you just LOVE getting older? I know my Mike and I are loving it too. He went to the doctor and found out that he has bone on bone in his back on several vertebrae. PLUS both of his knees he has had fixed but not replaced and it looks like that will be soon for him too!! We understand about your knee...what a mess! God has his plan for you and patience is going to be what you have to do for now....Just blog or send me an email now and again and I will always write back. sandy

Charla said...

Oh Glo, I'm sorry you're having all these problems! :( I wish I could be there to keep you company. We could sit back and get snookered on margaritas and daquiris and laugh it all away! Maybe one of these days we can do that though! I know you'll feel like crap for a while longer until they can get you into surgery, but hopefully afterward you'll be back to new in no time at all! Please try to keep your spirits up, Glo! We all love you very much and we're here for you if you need us!!!


Michelle said...

Your Valentine's Day sounds like it was very romantic, lol. I'm so sorry about the bad news from the dr. God does have a plan, and hopefully you will be back on your feet in time for the nice spring weather, so you can resume your plans of lots of fishing this year. You are in my prayers.

Courtney said...

I'm so sorry Glo! My grandma had both her knees replaced (The one I think you look like LOL!) So I can ask her anything you'd want to know from someone who's been there. Sometimes that helps. I'm here if ya need me. Wish I was there to help but anything I can do you know I will! Love You!

Michelle said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

I'm sorry to hear about your upcoming knee replacement surgery- but I hope it's the answer you need to be pain-free!