Friday, March 23, 2007

One "CRAZY" Day

My phone has been driving me bats for about two weeks. I'd be talking and the person on the other end would sound like they're in a barrel,tunnel or way off where I could hardly hear them.(right Court) Or it would be clear and all at once just click and shut off. Or your just fine and it sounds like a fax machine going off. Tried to get through to the phone....right. This guys voice (youknow the one that is not a REAL person) After a half hour or so of "I think you said" or "would you repeat that"........I finally got to the place I wanted to be.............Ha ha Another (not real) voice says do to high volume calling there will be a 45 min. wait..........Ok by this time I'm tired of it all,so before I go totally bonkers,I just hang up. Thought OK tomorrow is another day. So this morning I got up early tried to call them again. This time I was told there was going to be another long wait and maybe I would like to use their web site. Got the computer on and that is as far as it went.GARRRRRRR. By this time I'm about to pull my hair out. Mike comes home and I try again to use the phone. Can't call out just get this BUZZZZZZING sound.
Then my cell phone rings,its my sister saying my phone has had a busy signal all morning. So I try to use my cell to call the phone co. Well by now you know the story......The computer came back on about 2:30 p.m........Phone still out. Now I can't even call out on my cell.........Oh and one more thing the phone will ring ,but when I answer's dead.....So today I've had no phone,no computer,no cell and I can't drive, but girls don't worry I have gotten my exercise. I've answered the phone 100000 times ,done laundry,cleaned the refrigerator..... and just gone a little crazier than I already was. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day....Ya right, it's Saturday and I don't think I'll get to talk to any one til Monday.

So all you gals out there in Blog land.....HAVE A GREAT WEEK END and please say a little prayer for me,that maybe, just maybe I'll get this all taken care of soon...... Before I pull my hair out or the phone.

Love to all and God bless.


P.S. Mean while I need to remember .......God never give us more than we can handle........and with him all things are possible.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Guess you need to follow your own advice in the PS!! smile!! I know I know you have had a very very bad day!! Also Bald women can get wigs too!! smile!! I would hate having all of that happen to me in one day believe me I would be just like you!! Well all I can say is find a good book and read it!! Sandy

Michelle said...

that would make me pull my hair out too! How frustrating! Hope you get the issues resolved soon!

Michelle said...

That would drive me batty too! I really hope that you got it all figured out and that you were able to get through to the phone company, I hate those stupid automated voices.

michelle said...

that is so frustrating, I hate the tunnel effect! Hope it all ends soon. i am sorry to hear that you lost your friends. may peace be with you and there families.

Talk to you soon!