Wednesday, April 11, 2007


It's COLD here.So cold I'm turning BLUE. It's rainy and cold. It hurts in every part of my body......My bones hurt. I know you young ones don't understand that,but down the road you will ( Right Sandy). It doesn't help they have taken me off several of my Med. in prep. for my Surgery next Tues. I'm going for a Massage tomorrow morning,I know that will help. One of my best friends has her own business called "Healing Touch Body Works" and believe me it is just that. She's the one who kept me walking before I had my hip replacement.

Mike is doing fine. He's taking a week off to be here with me when I get home. I told him he could paint and I could watch....Ha Ha He just looked at me with Ya right look. I am concerned about him.( not laundry or cooking as one would think)You know how some men are.( I really think ,that he thinks if he doesn't know this stuff nothing will happen)Mike has never paid a bill,nor does he know where anything is.... Sorry to say ,but I think my kids know more.So I've been writing everything down.Took him to the bank so he could see the lock box(know where the key is kept), so he'd know where all Ins.papers, will,living will etc. Not that I think anything is going to happen. It's just good for him to know. 19 years and this is the first time he set down with me to pay everything or go to the bank.He thinks it's morbid that I have every wish down on paper And I do mean every wish.This is the first surgery he's seen,he was in Iraq when I had my hip done. Well enough about that. I know God will watch over him.

Hope everyone had a great Easter. We had a wonderful and very busy one. All went well. In church Sunday night everyone had the YAWNS.... Mike and I also joined the Church Sunday or should I say changed our membership. Kids we have lots of kids to work with....Yea! We're doing a rock-a-thon this coming weekend to make money for Church camp. Mike and I have breakfast duty Sat. morning at 7:30. This should be fun. This is the same Church were I taught Bible school last summer.FUN FUN FUN

Well I guess I bored you guys long enough. Just asking for some prayers for Mike and I this coming Tues. I know everything is going to be fine,but PRAYER never hurts.

Love and God bless,



It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Did I miss something Gloria? Guess I did...What type of surgery are you having? Wow!! I did miss out!! Yes things do hurt when the cooler weather comes along...Let me know what you are having so that I can pray for you the right way. So much going on. Just found out that my friend Betty that has the lung cancer, has more now..another tumor. She is devastated...sandy

michelle said...

Ok so I was thinking the same thing as flip flop world. did I miss something? You are having surgery! I will keep you in my prayers and you are not a bore. I completely understand the importance of Mike knowing what is going on, I think Ray blocks out alot of what is happening because he is not sure of how to handle it. Anyway that is my two cents worth. lol..

Courtney said...

I love reading your posts! You ARE NOT boring at all.
Glad you had a nice Easter & hope the massage therapy helps. I have heard good things from it.
Love ya♥

Michelle said...

I completely agree with Courtney, you're not boring at all. I love reading your posts! You will both be in my prayers, and I hope you have a very speedy recovery!

Monica said...

I am praying your surgery goes as planned and a speedy recovery. Take care!