Thursday, April 05, 2007


Hope everyone is ready for Easter. We are. We got the granddaughter's baskets ready (never to old for an Easter basket) and sent them home with their Dad when he was down last week. Our Church has a Christian day care and one of my best friends runs it. So Mike ( loving kids the way he does) got some big bubble swords(10 I think) and a big bag of candy.Then he was off to the day care.Don't know who had the most FUN, Mike or the kids. Sunday we will have Sunrise service at 6:00am Women have the service and then the Men cook breakfast and(CLEAN UP). Then we go home or just hang around for S. S. and Church. Then home again and back at the Church for Sunday night service. I love Sunrise Service....I always went with my Dad when I was young. Mom always stayed home and started the Easter Dinner, then we'd all go for Church Service as a Family. Wouldn't know what to do on Sunday if I didn't go to Church.

I think it's a shame that they don't have many Churches having "Good Friday Services" any more. Easter is the one Holiday everyone needs to remember. Children need to know this is when Jesus gave his life for our sins and that Easter is when he went to heaven. Even though they can't see him, he Lives and is always there for them.

I'm good to go for my surgery Tues. April, 17 at 12:30. Mike is going to take a week off to be with me. He already talking about cooking, cleaning and laundry. He told me I could over see the jobs,but I was not to do them. BOSSY isn't he. He a great guy. I told him he wasn't going to spoil me. If the Doctor says I can do it I will. His answer to that was"we'll see" . I may be hollering for HELP or sending him fishing.

I pray each and everyone has a Blessed Easter.With all the Dinners,new cloths,family get together,Easter baskets and candy ----- Please take time out of your busy weekend to remember JESUS. Just like Christmas "HE" is the reason for the season.

HOPPY EASTER everyone...

Love and God bless,


the night owl said...

Hi Glo,....Thanks for visiting my blog today..Easter does sound like a buzy time for your family.What kind of surgery are you having on your knee??I will have double knee replacements , this summer. Good luck with yours!!! Happy Easter Baba

Michelle said...

Happy Easter to you!

Charla said...

Happy Easter Glo and Mike! I hope you have a great weekend!! Love you guys!!!

Michelle said...

I agree with you. Sometimes people get too busy with their own lives and forget that the only reason we have the lives and the things that we do is because of the Lord. I hope you have a wonderful Easter, and God Bless You!