Sunday, July 22, 2007


Ok...........I know it's been a while. Since my last post I have lost two more classmates. That's three this year.(One of the guys,was not only my boyfriend in 5th grade,but also a very good friend when we grew up.He had a wonderful smile and an infectious laugh) Add that to my losses for the year was very hard on me. Then the twins turned twelve. I started feeling very old and not needed any more.

Of course, the part about Mike and I getting to know each other again. We still haven't got to go off by ourselves,but we are closer and talk more about things. His spending has stopped,but now the Hospital bills are coming in. This is where we have just put into God hands and I'm sure he will take care of us now, just like he has in the past. God is so good.
Other things that bother me,are some friends I meet while Mike was in Iraq, have stopped writing to me or on their blog. I miss Anita, Mary, Courtney,Charla and all my Michelle's. There are sometimes I feel more alone now,than when Mike was gone. Age(getting to me) maybe, don't really know.

So we start Bible school July 30th. I hope that helps me. Mike is going to help also. I think this will be good for the both of us. We both love kids.

Mike is also missing being with the guys in Guards. He made a lot of friends over the 23 1/2 yrs. Work is also giving him a lot to deal with. Also there is always this on going family thing. It's really hard on him.

So if all you out there in Blog land will just keep us in your prayers. It would be very much appreciated.

"God never closes a door that he doesn't open a window". I know being at church today together helped both of us.(hard to do when you work weekends and nights)

Ok I'm feeling better. Thanks for listening to all my whining.... I guess I'm just feeling like a very OLD 64.

Love and God bless,


Michelle said...

Oh Glo I am so sorry that you are feeling bad, we haven't left you but I understand feeling alone. Trust me, I think we all go through it from time to time. I can be in a room full of people and feel so alone that I can't breathe. It makes no sense I know but I get that way from time to time. And it has nothing to do with your age. LOL....
I talked to Charla really quick this morning and she says hi and she will call you soon. She has had only 4 days off this month. I do not know how she is doing it. But she sends her love.
I will talk to you soon. Love you

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry you've lost 2 more classmates; that must be hard.

You and Mike sound like you are going through a lot of adjustments with him coming back from Iraq and settling in to new routines and everything. Praying for you both!

kayli_k42 said...

GLOOO I have missed reading your blogs! I tagged you in a meme today too! It's on my blog! :o]