Friday, July 06, 2007

Will you take me to my room???

I lost one of my little Alzheimer's ladies Tuesday. A very sweet little lad, about 5' 1" and 98lb. She was 98 yrs young. She would come up to any one and say"will you take me to my room" then you walk her down the hall to her room and she would be back in 5 minute's saying the same thing. She walked all the time. Loved snacks,new cloths and necklaces. She may not know my name,but would always know who's grand daughter I was. She and my grandmother went to school together ( on horse back). She told me lots of stories about when they were young,that i will always remember. Also she was the best Trivia player, very sharp,also knew all the old Hymns. One time we were talking about things that you just don't hear of or get anymore. She said she missed "Carmel Dumplings"..............well just so happens my Mom use to make them all the time. So I dug out Mom's old recipes( They are made in an old Iron skillet in the oven) and we made them for all the residents on our wing. Helen got to help. Boy did they ever pig out. Helen,bless her heart, told me her, Mother made better ones.haha hee hee Helen will be missed by all,but never forgotten. She was one of a kind. So Helen have a great time in heaven and tell Grandma Pearl hi for us.

Thanks for reading my blog. Please remember to {{Hug}} or be kind to an Alzheimer's Patience sometime..............They remember more that you think. They will give back to you time and time again.

God Bless,


Michelle said...

Hey Glo~ I am sorry to hear that you lost your friend. I worked in an Alzheimer unit when I lived in FL and oh my goodness, I loved it. I have so many funny stories just like that one. It is so funny/heart breaking the things that they can and can not remember.

Have a good week.

Michelle said...

what a touching post; I am so sorry for your loss. She sounds like she was a spirited lady full of spunk and you have a lot of great memories of her.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Sorry to hear about your friend but also glad to see you posting again. This is another terrible disease too. Hope your weekend is great. Sandy

Courtney said...

I'm so sorry for for your loss. What a sweet & special lady she must have been. Thank you for sharing the stories.

Michelle said...

That was a touching post, brought tears to my eyes. I always think of my Grandpa when I hear things like that. I'm sorry for your loss. Thank God she's not here suffering anymore.

the night owl said...

Hi Glo, what a wonderful story ..We pass the years so fast and don't know what is ahead for us.Slow down and enjoy life.Thanks for sharing . Baba

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Gloria, thanks for stopping by my entry today (21st)...where is your TINY entry!! You need to get back to blogging my friend. I miss you..Sandy