Friday, September 21, 2007

"I did it"

I'm so proud of myself....I can't believe my eyes. I changed my blog with the long distances help of my Courtney. Bless her heart. She gave me a blogger award today. I'm very proud of this honor. Well I just called her in Ky. to see if she could talk me through getting it on my Blog. Well me being Old....:-).....Court kept telling me to right click.....Ok so I did that.... nothing.....Well we kept this up for a while. I just could not get my computer to do anything.So We hung up,with a call you later. :-0 after setting here trying and trying. It dawned on this "OLD" Lady................Your other "RIGHT" silly. Thanks Courtney....Just remember to say your other right GLO..

Oh yes we went up to see the grand kids for a few days that is why I haven't been to grams aka Carolyn was worried about me ....That was so sweet of her to worry about me. Love ya Carolyn

Love and God bless,


Courtney said...

I think I have created a Bloggin Monster!!! Love ya Glo. Good Job!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Glo, it is not that hard once you if you keep on doing it you will learn. Thanks to Courtney for showing you how. Good for her. You will see how much fun it all is.... said...

WOW Glo!!! This just looks great!! You did a great job!!
I have no idea how to get an icon over on my side bar! Woohoo for you!!!
You did so good and your blog site looks so nice!!

Now if more awards come along I am sending one your way for sure!!! I am so proud of you!!

This stuff isn't so easy when we get a little older!! I can't get over how nice this looks!! love and hugs Carolyn

Baba/night owl said...

Thanks Glo for visiting my place today.I get excited too when I do something new on my blog. Baba said...

I think Mikey adorable!! Your blog is looking good!!

Michelle said...

Your "other" right!! LOL that is too funny! That reminds me one time I was helping my mom with something on the computer (also long distance over the phone) and I think I needed her to right click or something, but anyway after a few more insructions she made a comment about if she could "let go" or release or something like that ... I didn't realize she had kept her finger on the right click part!LOL

Glad you got it figured out! :)