Saturday, September 22, 2007

Still Playing.......

Yes I'm still playing around with my Blog. I don't know how to get things shrunk enough yet....Just give me time. Mike Jr. needs to go on a diet... I'll make it I will,I will.
I think it was back in March (archives) on my Birthday 03/04/07. That I told you about the "BIG" house where I was born. Well this is it. It was taken in 1945. That is me and my grandmother setting on the porch. I was two yrs old. The top window (big) is where this "Old Lady" was born.....many moons ago. They tore it down in 1991. My Mom and I stood out front and cried. I still have the brick the man gave me from the fireplace in the room where I was born. The house may no longer be there,but all the memories I have of that house will always be with me forever. Christmas,Thanksgiving,Easter,Family gatherings etc. Fun times,Sad times. Never forgotten. Love that house,it was a home.
On the left is the Lilac bush (beautiful) and the old Pear tree behind it. The tree you can't see is the Cherry tree in the side yard,just beyond the Pear. I was 11 when my great Uncle died. Well I had prayed for him to get better,so when he died I just couldn't under stand why God had let him died when I had prayed so hard. I climbed the Cherry tree and set there,crying,wouldn't come down for my (great) Aunt(bless her heart) climbed up the tree and set with me. She talked to me about my great Uncle and how God's plan isn't always our plan. GOSH!!! I miss all the special people I had in my life.
Thanks for going down memory lane with me. Hope all of you in Blog land have a great weekend.

Love and God bless,


8 comments: said...

Thanks so much for sharing your heart with us!! That is a beautiful old house and how sad they tore it down... No wonder you and your Mother cried.

I sure miss all the ones who have gone on so much!

You remember all the wonderful meals all the Aunts made!! and your Mother and Grandma too!

I went back and read about the night of your birth! Wow, I am glad you are here!! Praise God!! That was a wonderful story! So glad you shared all of this with us!! Blessings, Carolyn

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Special memories!! We can always keep these in our heart and also you will have this picture too!! Thanks also for letting all of us know about it too!!
It is late here and I should be in bed. Mike is already there and here I am sitting up reading blogs..silly me!!
Have a great weekend..

Courtney said...

Thanks for sharing your special memories & what great ones they are. That house is beautiful.
Oh, your blog looks great. Good Job!

Baba/night owl said...

Hi Glo, You lived in a big house growing up... My daughter plans to stay in her new house forever.... It was a treat to dance again... Thanks for coming over to see me. Baba

Caregiver's Diary said...

Oh, how sweet of your aunt to climb up that tree and talk to to you. There are so many memories cherish. It's pretty cool that you have a brick from that house, too! Mom wants me to tell you how to get your things unsquished from your side bar. When you are in customize and after you have clicked on one of the add page elements (say add picture) Underneath the box that says from the web and above the orange box (done) is a box that says (shrink to fit?). It is already checked. Unclick it and your picture won't be squashed.

Michelle said...

Ok so I just learned how to get my new award to fit in my side bar from one of your friends. LOL.. So see you are not the only one learning. I am so sad, I know.

I love the picture of the house and I think it is so cool that you have a brick from the fireplace in the room you were born in. said...

You made the Chiefs logo icon look really nice!! I like that and Kelly will have to shrink mine, too!!

Melanie said...

What a beautiful post and such wonderful memories.

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm quite sure I'll be back to visit you again!!