Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Party Time

Well this was going to be a post about my Mom and me w/ pic. This computer won't cooperate today. Maybe tomorrow.

It has rained here most of the day. Good old soaker kind. Just what we needed. Getting cooler too.( Doesn't that Fall has fell?) Kinda of dark and gloomy too. I got the house all cleaned up,or lets just say all the cleaning I'm going to do..( If they don't like dust Bunnie's to bad.I do. I think I've even named a few) let's see there is Dusty,Fuzzy and OH-my.........I'm having a Mary Kaye makeup party tonight. Trying to get some "FREE" makeup. I really need a lot of things. Gotta keep looking "Young" you know......hee hee.Enough fun, gotta go take a nap. You know need my beauty sleep.

Hope everyone had a great day. Later.



It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hope you are having a grand party!! Just what makeup will do for you..Mike says that you have to "paint the barn" Okay...I don't think he means it in the bad way!! AT least I hope not...I loved your joke today about the older couple and the bridal registry!! GOOD ONe!! but I am never getting married again and heavens knows not at that age!!

Baba/night owl said...

Good evening Glo,... Hope you got a nice nap before your Mary Kaye Party.I have been to a few of those make-up parties and loved the warm rags on the face.... feels good...Have a nice day tomorrow.Baba

Courtney said...

Hope you had a nice time at your party even though it wasn't AVON LOL!!!

Talk..to..Grams said...

How did the party go?? Did you get a good nap?? It was very dark and gloomy yesterday but I love the cool weather,too!