Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Thankful...because I know my friend Vonnie is in haven with the Lord and that she is singing for him.
Thankful my nephew and his family in California (also Sandy's son Jon) are safe for moment.
Thankful when my husband returns home after a day of hunting.
Thankful for many close friends.
Thankful that we made it to and from our weekend retreat safely.
Thankful for all my close Blogging buddies (new Friends)
Thankful I can sent out a email asking for prayer and have so many supporters email me back.
Thankful for this beautiful day.
Thankful for the rain we've had.
Thankful for just being alive.
Thankful for my Church family.
Most of all I'm Thankful for all my many blessings, a family who loves me and for all my freedoms.
Thanks to God and to all those men and women who made all these "Thankful" things possible.

Just Thankful.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Yes I am relieved for sure!! I was kinda worried on Tuesday and Wednesday. I just wish it would get completely stopped!! Thanks for praying for Jon. Sandy said...

You have a very Thankful list!! Nancy loved her card and so did I!! I didn't even think to put pictures in your card.

Guess what! you lost 50 pounds and I Found It!! In the past 4 years I have put that much on!! Grrr! Love you! Carolyn

Michelle said...

you are so blessed!