Sunday, December 23, 2007

Ya Better Watch Out

My kids always knew why we celebrate Christmas and we'd baked Jesus a birthday cake,then we'd sing Happy Birthday to Him. We'd read the Christmas story in the Bible (Luke),then we read the Night before Christmas. We had Santa too,but never forgot who JESUS is. You can have both and have fun. Just keep Jesus #1.Remember Jesus loves little children.

I use to have so much fun with my kids,kid I cared for,& my grand kids.......going as far as chewing up a carrot and spitting it in the yard, hoof prints,Santa's boot prints on my carpet w/ ashes from the fireplace, bells hung in a tree with rope pulled through a window so I could yank on it and they would get to bed fast. I would eat cookies, drink milk I didn't like and even drop a few crumbs,so I could fuss the next morning. Gone as far as calling the North pole to complain about the Old guy. I called up other kids and have been Jingles or Tiny the elf. I could go on for ever.I just loved messing with them,I have a great time over these 64 1/2 yrs.With all this fun and memories we made, I never forgot why we celebrate Christmas. Enjoy Christmas with your kids.Watch their eyes.That's where the memories are made. JESUS and Santa they both love little Children.

Visions of sugar plums may dance in their heads while they are small,but Jesus will live in their hearts forever.

Oh and one more thing, my children knew that Mom and Dad had to pay Santa,so he could pay the elfs.


Courtney said...

This is all so cute & I can't wait to use some of these ideas tonight! Also can't wait for the kids specail phone call!! Thank you so much Glo. You always make them feel so special. They are playing with their stickers right now & just grinning from ear to ear. If this is not what Christmas is about I don't know what is?! Seeing how truely blessed the Lord has been to us & sharing that with the people we love. Hope you have a great Christmas & praying this new year has many more blessings for such a great Gamma Glo♥
Love You! said...

This is so sweet!! I just knew you were like this!! You made Christmas so special for your kids and grandkids and everyone else's kids too!! Mrs Claus!!! How adorable you are!!! Love and Hugs Grams

Flip Flop Floozie said...

You sound like our daughter!! She does all of those things too!! How nice. I guess I did not have that much imagination when the kids were growing up BUT our daughter does now!! She even writes notes to her kids with Fairy names when they loose a tooth. They so look forward to this.

Merry Christmas Glo.