Friday, December 21, 2007

Tis' the season

Sorry I haven't been on much. Just been busy, but we got it all done. That is except helping my cousin decorate for her party. We'll do that later this afternoon. She's going with a Snowman theme w/ lots of door prises. Also grab bag gifts. Then tomorrow is the party. I don't know who is going to eat all this food we've been fixing.Smoked Turkey,Ham,hash brown casserole,baked beans,broccoli casserole,cheese balls,home made candies,desserts,veg tray,summer sausage and cheese,chips and dips,tea or pop.There is enough to feed an Army and then some. There will be over 40 people.She's so afraid she won't have enough variety and some won't eat anything.Believe me they will all walk in and waddle out. This is her husbands family ( Mike and I have been invited too) and each year someone else is the hostess. So she just wants it to be perfect and it will be.She my cousin,but most think we're sisters,we're very close and also look a lot a like. Also act a like,just ask our hubbies.

I have a update on Brandi'. She had to have some of her toes taken off this week. She's in great spirits for all she's been through.Had a good day yesterday.Even got excited,because she got to set on the toilet. Her old boss and his wife stopped by with a very pretty gown and robe for her. I know this may sound crazy to some,but this little gal has been through so much and yet through it all will tell you she has been blessed,God is a big part of her life. Please keeping PRAYING for her...that her kidneys will work on their own and her left arm will start moving more.

Also Please keep the prayers going for Adrienne age 4. She has Leukemia. Keep the prayers going for the troops and their families.

Wishing all of you a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a Blessed New Year.

Love and God bless,

It's 50 here today and tomorrow it is to rain,sleet and snow with up to 3".What can I say it's MISSOURI. Right Grams.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Gloria i am so happy to hear about Brandi again. I have been praying for her. That poor girl she is quite the trooper!! I was hoping that she would get to be home by Christmas but it does not sound like that!! Keep us updated on her please.
Sandy said...

It sound like your cousin is having a wonderful party!! It all sounds so good! Enjoy!
Kelly and I had to get out this morning but it had started to sleet before we got home! Now it is a mess!
I was glad to hear about Brandi! She has had it really hard. Bless her heart. I will keep praying!
You and Mike have a Merry Christmas!! Love you, Grams

Courtney said...

Brandi is one heck of a fighter huh? Must run in the family=) I'll be praying for her & your family.

Hope you ALL have a wonderful Christmas!!