Tuesday, February 26, 2008

To much cold

I guess I've been in the cold to much or around other people to much. Today my throat is sore my head hurts and I'm sneezing. I'm the who washes my hands all the time ( until they crack open), carry hand sanitizer and whipes for the baskets in Wal-Mart or grocery store. So today I just stayed inside stayed warm and drank fluids. Oh and I cooked a pot of "Butter Beans", fixed Chili yesterday( enough to freeze) I don't think Spring will ever come.....and besides we can always fix Chili dogs even the Spring. I don't know why I can't cook small....I always have enough for Grants Army and then some.....I do freeze a lot. We do have a neighbor I always take chili,veg. soup or cheesey potato soup to,she loves all these things ,but her hubby doesn't,so I always take her bowl,then there is my daughter and my cousin, her daughter. After all this I still have some to freeze. Tonight I told Mike that from now on Wed. night is leftover night. Sounds like a good night for leftovers,because we go to Bible study. Soooooo I'm declaring Wed. Night leftover night and you say what if there is NO leftovers.....P.B.& J. will have to do...That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Love to all,


Donna said...

I always cook lots of chili and freeze some. It's so nice to have it handy on days when I'm rushed.

I sure hope you're not getting the flu, which is vicious this year. We can all stand up to a little cold, but the flu is something else again.

I'm saying a prayer for your health.

Anonymous said...

Saying a prayer for your health. Even the one doctor office we were in today had a notice how severe the flu is this season. Keep those fluids going!

I love cooking chili and soups and always have enough for neighbors and many leftover meals. I use Sunday nights as our leftover night, as we usually have a big meal during the day and helps to make the evening relaxing before the start of the week.


Courtney said...

Oh I hope you feel better. Gosh this post made me hungry=)
Especially because we have about 2 inches of snow & it's still pouring. I usually have one left over night. We'll either have leftovers or soup & sandwiches. Basically just one easy night that I don't have to cook!
Glad you had a nice time with the family. Tell sis I said Hi=)
Love Ya More!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

When I was raising kids Wednesday night was always left overs night. Now since I work every day from 3-7:00 pm I just never know how to cook. it makes it awful. I know your cold weather has been awful this year. We leave this Saturday to go into your part of the world....Illinois to help julie put in her kitchen. BURR!! Makes me cold already. Sandy