Wednesday, February 27, 2008

W.W. and Prayers

My wordless Wednesday and more. Fire Rainbow painted by GOD.


I'll get right to the point. Brande' dad called me late last night. Brande' is depressed,thinking she's a freak & ugly. He's asking for prayer for her. He (Bruce) himself needs prayer. Right now Brandie' is home and wants to stay there. Her sister comes in 8 hrs a day 6 days a week to care for her. ( Brande' is comfortable with her)Brande' can walk,but not much else. Danielle does everything, get the boys off to school,cleans the house,cooks, helps Brande' (still not getting full use of her left arm because of stroke and the right is gone) to the bathroom,gives her baths,takes her to dialysis's three day a week, Therapy, even to the mall so she can walk and see things. Danielle has a family of her own. Bruce has been paying for all this himself. Brande' boyfriend has been taking care of the house payment and other bills. Right now Medicare and Disability keep turning Brande' down. Doctor said it may take two get this. It's $400.00 a month to give Danielle a little something and the gas. Her hospital bill was over a million,Ins. is doing that,so far. Yes home health would send someone in for a couple of hours a day, but she needs total care. Bruce is trying not to put her in a nursing home. He's says he just got his daughter back and is afraid she would regress.

We need prayer......because it getting so hard on Bruce and his family( wife & her 4 kids) he went to the church to see if they could help him in anyway.....Well this is where it gets crazy. My Aunt ( Bruce's mother ) and cousin Lana (his sister) went off on him for doing this. You can't do this it will disgrace the family and we've never been so embarrassed. A lot of other things were said...hurtful things. So one thing led to another.So he called me. Both being the black sheep understand each other. It will be hard on both of us because he was told NOT to call me or anyone else. I'm trying to help him. I'm going before our church tonight and my family. My daughter and I were talking about it this morning. If this crazy family would come together and pledge $10.00 a week for a while,we could do this. So I'm asking for a P.U.S.H. .......Pray Until Something Happens..Prayers,prayers and more prayers. We did it before and we can do it again.
Also I don't have Brande's address,but when I do get it I will post it and maybe we can get a card shower going again for her. She loved that.....I hope no one take this post wrong.I'm NOT asking for money, just prayers and cards....that and I just needed to get this off my chest. I prayed after Bruce called last night and then kept waking up all night long...everytime I woke up I PRAYED......So please pray. We know God is in charge and He will show us the way.
Thanks to all for letting me vent. Just please send prayers for Brande' ,for Bruce to find away to do this and most of all prayers for this crazy family of mine.
Love and God bless,
P.S. All of this and not feeling well.( Back hurts,head,neck you name it)............Oh yes my coffee pot decided to quit this morning...Any one ever made hobo coffee....I just did..What next????


Donna said...

I'm saying a prayer right now! said...

Hi Glo, I am out at Karen's house on her computer and reading a few blogs and read yours first! Oh my how hard life can get!!
I will pray for sure!! Love and Hugs Grams

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh Glo, I will be praying for Brandy and her whole family, and for you as well.

I don't understand our system, when someone in such need has to wait for a couple of years to get help. It just isn't right.

May the Good Lord give Brande the strength to go on, under such difficult circumstances. I really feel for her and her Dad. There must be a way to help them now, not two years from now.

Please let me know when you post her address. God bless you for your efforts on Brade's behalf.

Prayers and Love,


Jan Parrish said...

Praying for Brandie and her family.

Great picture.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry to hear how Brande is feeling lately - and especially how her father was treated just for asking for help!

Will definitely keep all in my prayers!

mindi said...

I'm so sorry to hear that - but I can understand how difficult this would be on everyone involved.
I'll pray for you and your family and Brande and Bruce and the children.
God is good. Things will get better.