Monday, May 26, 2008

Mother's day at Courtney's

Isn't she a cutie.

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cause I'm getting frustrated Grrrrrrrr

Ok so it's Saturday morning....Courtney ( who I'm not sure ever sleeps) was up with Shannon very early... pancake is her choice every morning. Then Courtney is on the go from then on. 3 kids, laundry, cooking,shopping etc. (If your a mother you remember all this well) She and I did go out to Wal-Mart that day for some groceries. (beautiful state Kentucky) They are having a cook out the next day (Sunday) in honor of Mother's Day, Matt's mothers b-day, Courtney's mothers b-day and a family party for Allison who would be turning 8 on the 18th. I was honored to be a part of all this. Stopped on the way home and got pizza for dinner. I mixed up my baked beans for the next day. We set out on the deck and talked that evening for along time...Ok this old lady is calling it a night. Comfortable bed even had my ownT.V...set the timer on the T.V. well I don't even remember going to sleep.... the next thing I woke up to Cardinals in trees out side my window. Beautiful bird. Mike's grandma would have loved it here.That was her favorite bird.

Keep going.....remember it's Glo posting.

Sunday....Well the "pancake kid" is up and going strong. ;) she a cutie. I had a bagel w/cream cheese & coffee.Hummmm. Court knew it was one of my favorites. I felt so special. Again Court is on the move. She baked a cake and decorating it in honor of Mother's day and both her mom and Matt mom's b-days. Have a (Hannah) cake ordered for Allison's party. I got the beans ready to go in the oven. We wrap the corn for the grill. Hamb.,hot dog,brats ready. It's raining....cook out???? Ok family on the way. Stops raining..... Oh no raining again.Matt is determined to grill out...Bless his little pea pickin heart.

Matt's family is the first to arrive. Mom, dad,brother and grandma. Every one bringing in side dishes. Very nice family. I enjoyed visiting with his mom,dad & brother. I felt very relaxed around them. Gotta say setting and talking with his grandma was the high light of my day. She's a hoot. Told me she had a boyfriend.Then Court's mom,dad and sis arrive (also a little boy she was baby setting). Grill is smoking...things are cooking,good smells are surrounding us,kids are playing & we're all talking. You know how it is, family get together.... all talk at once....I felt so at home. Then Matt says it time to eat. Everything tasted so good. Then when everything was cleaned up...we set and talked some more. You know that time when you all set around and wish you hadn't had that last bite of food.

Again keep going.

Ok,time for Miss Allison party. Paper was a flying. Oh thank you being said and big dimple smiles being flashed.

And Master Tyson looking on (thinking) and I have to wait until Sept., darn the luck.

Then there is the pose......Only Alli can do.

Little Shannon stealing the show. Or is it Glo.

By now you know I was having a great time.

And the rest of the story tomorrow. OH no !more food... Ice cream & cake. Will these hips make it through the week????

I'm not very good at this and the more I try to correct it the worse it gets. So I'm posting anyway. Good laugh for all.


mindi said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time - I'm so happy for you! said...

I love looking at your pictures!! I am so hungry from reading all the good food you all had!!

Don't worry about the space between the pictures!!!
I tried to do my awards and what a mess I made and Karen and Kelly tried to fix it!!

In fact Karen had it looking good and I added one more thing!!! and you guessed it, it messed the whole thing up again!! So I just left it like that!! Karen had worked hard on fixing it and I didn't have the heart to tell her I messed up AGAIN!!!!

You can click on my side bar on awards for 2007 and see it!!

I have no idea how to fix it!!! I tried back spacing and it made it worse so I quit that!!!

I am so glad you had such a good time!!!
We have to take Nancy to the Stomach Dr tomorrow.
Love and hugs Grams

Michelle said...

It sounds like you had such a fun visit and were kept very busy meeting all the family! My mom uses that phrase "bless your pea pickin heart" LOL