Saturday, May 24, 2008


Beautiful, intelligent,country gal, wife & mother of three, who lives on a mountain in Kentucky. So me and my heavy suitcases got into her car.... The first place she took me after I got off the train was to Tudor's biscuits in West Virginia. We picked up biscuits for all of us. After a short drive we arrived at Courtney's mountain. Just beautiful. I was so busy taking in the view,I almost forgot to get out of the car. Inside the house was 3 wonderful kids with big eyes and one terrified husband wondering who this strange woman was that Mom had brought home. Allison was the first to give me a big hug (beautiful little girl w/big blue eyes and "BIG"dimples),then Tyson (a handsome little guy full of energy & a little shy too) thought since I didn't bite sister he give me a hug too. Now Shannon(sweet two yr old) who said No, so I just stepped back and let her come to me. Then there was Matt (Courtney's hubby) I gave him a hug and said "thank you" for letting me come into your home. Of course that was before he brought in my luggage.....that's when the terrified look came across his face...."did you say she was coming for a visit or moving in?"( You know how it is never know what kind of weather,etc.) Oh and almost forgot the most important member for the family... Max...who thought they'd brought him home a play mate. ;-)

Then we had our biscuits.....I had never seen biscuits this big. Now I'd only had 2 cups of coffee since having dinner the night before,but no way was I going to be able to put away this biscuit. It was huge. So I saved half for later. Then they showed me where I would sleep. Alli was giving me her & Shannon's room. I felt bad,Court says they really don't sleep in there.How sweet of them. Pretty pink room w/flowers. Room fit for a princess.

The view from Courtney's deck was beautiful. You could see forever. They kept asking me if I wanted to lay down. I must have look tired,after all I had been up since 3:30am Thur and it was about noon on Fri. I didn't want to. I guess I thought my dream of meeting Courtney would end. Courtney fixed a wonderful supper of Chicken fettuccine w/ garlic toast. Very good. Then later I took a shower and went to bed.

More to come...

(Today is my hubby Mike's Birthday and I'm fixing him Steaks on the grill,corn on the cob and Salad....also baked him a brownie cake.)


Courtney said...

Ohhh, I have been so busy with sick babies I didn't know you had started telling your story on here. I'm sorry!
We miss you so much!
Tell Mike Happy Birthday from all of us ok=)!!! said...

Happy Birthday to Mike!! I hope he had a wonderful day!! It sounds like they made you feel so welcomed!! Love and hugs Grams

Michelle said...

happy belated birthday to your hubby!