Thursday, July 10, 2008

Computer Sick......Very Sick

Josh has been working on my computer .........trying very hard to get it up and going again. It crashed about three days ago. So I may not be on for a few more days.

Update on my sister Linda. She found out today that she'll be off work for 2 months for sure. Please keep her in your prayers,also my niece and the rest of us taking care of my sister. She a very impatient person. She says that's why she been married three times.....and lives alone now,loves it. She always has to have all her ducks in a row......I really mean that. After she fell off the table and all her papers went on the floor ( she does Avon on the side) niece put them back on the table........I was called later to come over and get them where she liked she could rest. It's going to be a lonnnnnnnng 2 months. I got her some groceries the other day and had to put them in the freezer just so. This woman's junk drawer is Alphabetized..............honest.

Hope every one has a great week. I'm praying for all of you. Take care. I'll be back on soon I hope.

Love and God bless,


Denise said...

Sorry about that sick puter and I will pray for your sister..........

I will try to get over here more often..... I have no idea why I do not have you on my list........ but.... I do now!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Computer problems..never a fun thing!! I think our big CPU is thinking about doing something not so good too. I use my laptop all of the time and Mikey used the big one!! It has been acting strangely!!
We got our bedroom all painted so we are now FINISHED!! YES!! i feel better all inside rooms painted and house painted...OOOOO!! GREAT feeling!! Sandy
Sorry your sister is going to be laid up...she sounds like she is very particular..hard to please those kind of people!! said...

Hi Glo,
Your sister would love the TV show MONK!!! I love that show! He is so funny! But if you really had to live with someone like that you would go nuts!!!
So sorry she hurt herself so severely!
I hope you can get your computer up and running soon!! I miss you!! Will be praying for you all! Love and hugs Grams

Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Glo,

Hope Doctor Josh has your computer all better soon! Your sister is probably frustrated over the incident, especially since she will be off of work for 2 months, so she is harder to please. But I'm sure she is glad to have your help. I will continue to pray for her. And I appreciate your prayers on our behalf!

Just got home from the cabin on the Current River. It was such a beautiful day to be out on the river. But I'm tired and will be happy to get to bed by 9 or so.

Take care, and have a good week, dear Glo. I'm looking forward to more regular posts from you soon!



Mary said...


Sorry for the sick computer. They are great when they are working properly and frustrating when they aren't.

I will keep you sister in my prayers.


mindi said...

Good to hear from you - hope you get your computer fixed soon.
Saying prayers for you over here!

Michelle said...

I'm praying that you all do ok while your sister is down. Maybe this time with her not being able to do as much will help her let go of some of the control lol. Good luck.