Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

B.J. @ Sweet Nothing posted some of her favorite things today.
She has a beautiful blog. I hope you go by for a visit with her.
I just thought I post some of my favorite things too.
The old Karo syrup pitcher that was my great
grandmothers,my bird houses & most of all the picture
of our grand daughters.

Mike,me & Melissa (one we took care of since
she was 6 wks 20.) She's still our girl.

bathroom soon to change,I have started one wall
and if you notice I have my favorite picture s of my grand daughters
in there too. There is not a room in our home with out them.

laundry room off kitchen

This what you see as you come out of the bathroom.
The two small silk prints of mother & (son & daughter)are some old Home Interior (most of my things are old Home Interior) I had a friend who sold it & this is how she paid me when I helped her out. I thought it was a nice exchange. Well back to the pictures I got these when
when my daughter was two and my son was 7. They are36 yrs old.....and have got to be my favorite thing.

My little chair sets in my living room
It was made for me when I was born....
Yes it is 65 too. A lot of kids have rocked in it.
The little home-made doll, my mother made for me when I was 2.
I think I got Annie at a garage sale. Oh yes please ,

please excuse the dust...........OOPS. How can I dust when I'm on the computer?

Just things I like. This is the wall above my computer.

Lamp that belonged to my mom. I'm not sure how old it is,but I know she had

when I was 6.

Great grandmothers kitchen clock,
Mike's grandpa's shaving mug, S & P
shakers from my old D.Q. days, my
little book of hymns, memories of when my grand
daughters were young, A Polly pockets that
is 21 yrs old(belongs to Melissa), a Camel lighter that was given
out in WW II and a lot of other things that
mean so much to Mike and I.

My collectibles or dust collectors

as some call them(my son) ,but it's our house and our yard.

Mike has help pick out everything,before we put it on the

walls we lay it out on the floor. Mike(thats whay he marriedme I'm old) and I both love old things.

more watering cans,Bird houses,etc.

and more........also my Barney Purple
Cabinets. Story: When Mike & I did the kitchen

he wanted to paint them and I wanted wood.

Since we couldn't afford new one's we compromised.

Our grand daughters were 3 then and

Savannah said they were Barney Purple....

OH my I just realized they've been that way

10 yrs.

I hope this didn't bore you to much.

I just thought it was a good & fun way to
get through a dreary rainy day. Better than dusting.....

I also posted some of my favorite things

on July 22. ( my little dishes) I just showed

you some of my favorite things.

Now won't you show me some of yours?

I'm sorry I don't know how I did it,but you can't click on the pictures and enlarge them and I don't know enough to fix the problem......Good thing I guess,now you won't see my dust.

4 comments: said...

That was really fun to see your favorite things! No wonder! They are so neat!
How about all the rain!!
Did it just pour over there last night!! It rained a whole bunch here! Love and hugs, Grams

Denise said...

Oh.... a home full of sweet memories! and no I was not bored at all........... We all have our favorite things....... yours are precious......

come over to my blog and take a look at my new pool and then put your name in the pool pot for some fun gifts............


Renie Burghardt said...

Hi Glo,

Wow, look at your beautiful collection of favorite things. They're wonderful! I enjoyed seeing every one of them, and reading about the memories they hold for you. Thank you for sharing them.

Love and Hugs,


Amber said...

Ok you told me to go look at these pcitures. I did more than just look at the pictures. I read all the blogs. There great! The pictures are pretty. Nice collections! Wow...and come of the stuff you have had for along time. Thats pretty cool. It shows us that you know how to take care of things.