Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wordless Wednesday.....well almost.

This about the way we feel around this area.

This is our back yard
fence. That's how high the water was last night. Last time it rained
this hard Mary's (neighbor) shed went floating by.
We got over 5" with more to come today. A lot of roads
on three sides of us had to close. We're very wet around
here...........but we're green and hot.Hope everyone is
doing Ok. Keeping dry and cool.
Also please keep the people in California in
your prayers. My nephew is in Santa Clarita (he was at work,said everything on his desk just started moving. He said it felt very weird His wife and children are in St.Louis,Mo this week)
also have family in Riverside. Our neighbor's son Jim is there
( he called said he was ok,but he had just started his car, it shook
so bad he thought there was something was wrong with his car)
Sandy aka Flip Flop's son is there too. Her son said it was a 5.8 .

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