Wednesday, August 06, 2008

One last picture before I go....

This my last kid(That I took care of in my home).....Justin graduated this year...I took care of these kids since Lindsay (RED hair) was 7. They are brother & sisters. Melissa we took care of since she she was 6 wks old.One year later almost to the day June 13 Justin was born,so we started taking care of him at 6 wks too. When I get back on later ........."you know when they hook me up again". I'll post some pic's of them when they were small. Lindsay 27,Justin 19,Melissa 20 (oh yes Melissa June 16 was born the night before Mike and I were Married.) Their mother is my best friend and was to be in the wedding. Oh yes I almost forgot .....that little old tired looking lady is me....and I do mean tired. I had just got back from Courtney's (Kentucky) at midnight Sat.after being on the train 24 hrs.....Graduation was at 3 pm on Sunday. I think the picture was taken about 6pm at his party.......I was one tired puppy. Just had to show off my kids. They always tell everyone I'm there other mom and Mike is the other dad.


Courtney said...

Precious picture! Your really are Momma Glo to many=)
Thanks so much for the talk tonight. It's what I needed! Your great & don't you forget it!!!
Love You So So Much!

Denise said...

I love this picture, thanks for sharing.

Renie Burghardt said...

You look great in the picture with your good looking "other" kids, Glo. Thank you for sharing it. Will miss you a lot!

Love and Hugs,