Thursday, August 07, 2008

Taking A Break....

Just to let all of you know....I will be taking a break from bloging for a while....The problem with with my phone Co.which has my enternet service,dish T.V., our cells,my daughters call and home phone....Has now decided after having a -O- balance the first of July....That some how we owe them remember just a couple of months ago they said we owed them over 700.00 after calling and finding out the problems...I paid my normal bill and had -O- bal...Well after being on the phone for over an hour ( we already paid almost 2000.00 this year alone).... with no results..except it has to be something we're doing.........Mike and i decided my health is more important than any thing else...After tomorrow we will no longer have any service to anything. We're getting set up with another Co. I'd been with this Co for 45 yrs.Time to move on....So Glo is just going to make a new start. I WILL BE BACK. With new email and maybe a fresh blog.....Everyone take care and may God bless all of you.
Love & big {{HUGS}}

I will be able to ck on your blogs at the Library...but I got to set up new email.


Michelle said...

You know, my grandma is having the same problem with her phone company and it is irritating her to pieces. In fact, she emailed me telling me she was "mad as a wet hornet" lol. I don't know what these companies problems are, but they better get it under control before they have no customers.

Mary said...


Some companies just don't know a thing about customer service or accounting for that matter. My phone company isn't bad, but the electric company is always putting extra charges on my bill. Companies just don't seem to care anymore. I got rid of our cable because after 40 years of dealing with them, they were very rude and obnoxious when my hubby was in the hospital having his bypass. I shucked them like a dirty shirt.

Take care and I hope you find the new company is easier to deal with.


Denise said...

Sorry about all the problems sweetie, will miss you.

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, Glo, I am sorry about the problem with the phone company. I would do the same thing you're doing. I will miss you, for sure, and am looking forward to your return.

Until then, take good care, and God bless!

Love and Hugs,

Renie said...

Hi Glo! Hey that is to bad that the Phone Co. is such a mess! I will miss you bunches but you will be back better then ever!!! Love and hugs Grams

Denise said...

We will be here and we will be watching for you.......!

Blessings girl friend.

mindi said...

Take care and dont stay away too long. I'll miss you!!

SweetAnnee said...

I just came by to say
hi and found this.
I hope it gets straightened out.

hugs, Deena

Amber said...

Hi Gloria (Or would u rather me call you Aunt Gloria like dad? Haha.). Dont forget to call dad when you get your Internet up and running again. We want to keep in touch with you and Laurie! You guys are so great! Hope you guys come back to visit us again SOON!!! I know gas is expensive though. But, we can figure something out right? You and Laurie are welcome to stay at our house with dad and ANYTIME you come visit! DONT THINK YOUR INTRUDING because you wont be. We would LOVE to have company! We would have fun I have no dought about that! You and Laurie seem like fun people! Very funny to! I know dad will enjoy spending time with Laurie! I know they used to be pretty close. I know he would enjoy chating with you to. As for me, I WOULD LOVE to get to know you guys more! You guys dont need be a stranger. When you get your Internet back ill email you once in awhile . But, you have to give me your email first. Haha! I'll also give you my phone number when I email you so that you can call me whenever you cant and want to. Well, I'll talk to you soon! Loves! said...

Sure do miss you! Grams