Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wordless Wednesday (almost)

This busy time of year,STOP, take time smell the flowers and to "Thank God" for all your many blessings.....But most of all please remember "Jesus is the resason for the season" and to say "Merry Christmas".


mindi said...

What a cute photo! Did you take that? I want a cat so bad, but my four dogs don't :) We have a barn cat that adopted us, but it's not the same. Maybe someday . . . said...

Hi Glo, I got two awards yesterday and I didn't choose anyone I just said any one who reads my blog just take one or both and you read my blog so you are more then welcome to them both!! I hate choosing so I didn't!!

Kelly is using the computer for her work again tomorrow so I won't be on but I did get a big job done today Nancy's Christmas cards!!! I posted about that to night!! Love you, Carolyn

Courtney said...

Great picture & great post. We all need to follow your words!

Michelle said...

You're so right, we all need to take the time to stop and thank God for all He has done. There's a business here that has "Jesus is the reason for the season" painted on the windows. I loved seeing that and it warmed my heart that not everyone is trying to be so "politically correct"! God bless you and yours!

Mary said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing.