Friday, May 23, 2008

Chicago to Ashland,Ky.

Well I was back on the train about 4:45 pm. headed for Kentucky. First of all there was a family of 11 getting on and about 8 others. Luggage was piling up and seat were being taken. As you get on the train there is a handicap restroom. Well with so many getting, on a young man and myself got pushed in to this restroom. Well You know me by now. His name was Carlton. I'd say in his late 20's very nice. Any way they said there weren't any more seats. He told me to wait right there and he went and had the conductor find me a seat. My seat was by a young black girl 12yrs old. She was one of the family of 11. You could tell she didn't really want to set with and old lady...Well when I set down,me being me, I started asking where she was from,how old she was. Told her I had grand daughters her age. She started to warm up to me by then. She had a DVD player w/ earphones.Her mother wasn't going to let her play it,thought it would bother me. I told her mother that I have grand daughters and she wouldn't bother me a bit. She just smiled. Very nice family.

Well it after 5 and I'm starting to get hungry so I made my way back to the Dinning car. Was seated with a couple from Nebraska who were on their way to visit their son in West Virginia and a little later a gentlemen from Marilyn who had been to California and was on his way home joined us.We enjoyed our meal and set a talked for quite a while. Set in the observation car for short time. Got back to my seat about 9:00 pm. Well everyone was trying to settle back and get a little sleep. Everyone that is ,but me. My face was glued to the window...afraid I'd miss something. The young lady beside me started to cough. Poor thing just couldn't seem to stop. Her mother took her to the back of the car to get some air. It was very hot. Come to find out the air on the train (our car) was not working right. So they sent someone out to the next stop and they got on a fixed it. Well the little gal was still have coughing, so her mother gave her some night quill. Then she settled down and went to sleep. So did everyone else,but me. Oh I think I dozed for an hour or so,but every time the train stopped I had to see who got on or off. People person you know or just nosey. I saw a beautiful sunrise. Knew I'd see Courtney soon. Well a train in front of our train had broke down. So we were setting on the side of the tracks for a while. Court called saying where are you. I told her we'd be late. About an hour and forty five mins. late. So I went to the snack car and had a couple of cups of Coffee. Finally moving again. Woo Hoo we're in Ashland ,Ky. Got off the train ( which I feel like I'm still riding) couldn't fine Courtney. Then this cute ,NO beautiful little blond with braids hollered don't you recognize me. Of course I cried. Called Mike to tell him I made it and that she is beautiful....The rest of the story tomorrow.

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Oh this is so good!! I loved reading every bit of it!! You made me feel like I was on the train with you!!! Love and hugs Grams